Essential Points to Remember in Real Estate Plumbing


Over time, even the most expensive plumbing will wear out corny, in such cases it is time to go to specialized stores or Internet pages. However, today the market offers a huge selection of sinks, toilets or bathtubs, which is why it is very easy to miscalculate. What you need to pay attention to when choosing plumbing for the bathroom and what material to choose – read our material.

When choosing plumbing, first of all, you need to be guided by three factors: convenience, comfort and hygiene.

What plumbing to choose

Faience plumbing

It stands out for its beautiful views, is lightweight and inexpensive. Its surface is always porous.


Plumbing made of this material is very smooth and resistant to temperature changes. Also a big plus is the ease of maintenance, because sediment and dirt almost do not remain on the surface.

Composite products

  • Such plumbing is durable, and they are also not afraid of chemicals. Outwardly, they resemble granite. The material is smooth and shiny.
  • Buying an apartment in a new house, the question of how to repair the bathrooms is acute. This is because competent plumbing in a new building is the key to a quiet life.
  • Electricity and plumbing are two things that are better not to save money, otherwise, God forbid, the well-known proverb “a miser pays twice” may work here.

Plumbing wiring in the apartment

Many times our studio was called in order to fix “jambs” and shortcomings. And the main challenges are the distribution of plumbing in the apartment.

Modifications and alterations, as you know, are more expensive, so here are a few points that are very worth paying attention to and what to do in the apartment in the first place:

Understand clearly where you will have a bathroom (or shower), sink, washing machine, toilet. By the way, what kind of toilet will you have? With a hygienic shower or not? Do i need a bidet? And other little things. The real estate plumbing service can help you in this matter.

Plumbing piping in the house

It is important to understand where exactly you will have a heated towel rail.

What to do with them and what should they be?

Recently, in apartments, we often come across 2 types of pipes:


About the first I will say only one thing: over time, this metal-plastic structure gives slack microcracks form, through which small fountains of water begin to flow – a good way to flood neighbors from the lower floor. Well if you live on the 1st floor … but if on the last?

Second, the difference between metal-plastic is that, with a sharp drop in pressure, it can tear out the structure so that the heated towel rail will fly out onto the opposite wall and split the tiles.

Prices for plumbing wiring

For these reasons, with proper wiring of plumbing in a new building, we use polypropylene, which was soldered correctly once and you can forget about leaks in the future. In real estate plumbing all these points are important.

Prices for plumbing wiring will be much lower if you order it together with a comprehensive repair in a new building. And you can find out the exact cost by contacting us by phone.