Everything I Kept In My Safe Keeping Storage

Home Improvement
Storage companies are godsend establishments that allow business owners and householders temporarily or permanently safe keep their possessions. Thanks to these facilities, I did not have to worry about where to put my stuff while waiting for my new home’s renovation. Without them, I would likely have to put my belongings outside my new address and put them at risk of getting lost or stolen.

Why Do People Get Storage Spaces?

I recently rented a safe keeping storage since I moved to a different address to be closer to my new job. A portion of my new home was still under construction, so I needed a safe space to keep my treasured possessions. I thought about temporarily leaving it at my old place, but my former landlord would charge me hefty sums for it. I also considered leaving it outside my new house, but doing so would mean it could get damaged due to sun and rain exposure. Other individuals rent facilities from storage companies for various reasons. Some use these spaces to ease the burden of moving into a different home or office. Meanwhile, other householders and entrepreneurs rent storage units to free up space in their dwellings or workspaces. Many individuals even lease storehouses to temporarily or permanently store their departed loved one’s possessions, creating a space they can go to whenever they want to remember their beloved friend or family member.

What Can You Keep In A Storage Space?

All storage companies have different rules on items you can keep in their rental units. If you want to ensure that you can store your belongings in a storage space, talk to a representative of your chosen storehouse to learn about their safekeeping guidelines. However, I can tell you about the things I kept in my safe keeping storage space to help you learn about the items allowed in my preferred facility—A Safe Place Self Storage in Toh Guan Road East. Scroll through to learn about the possessions I temporarily kept in my unit while I await my new home’s renovation.
  1. Home furniture like a table, a few chairs, and a small dresser
  2. Small appliances like a stand mixer, food processor, and a toaster oven
  3. Bulky cookware
  4. Extra dinnerware
  5. Tablecloths and napkins
  6. Seasonal home decor
  7. Luggage bags
  8. A spare mattress
  9. My book collection
  10. Old electronics

Where Can You Rent A Storage Space?

Finding a storehouse is not as challenging as some people think. You can find one by typing ‘storage space near me’ on Google’s search bar—which was how I learned about A Safe Place Self Storage and their storage services. You can also seek recommendations from family members, friends, or colleagues who rented a storage space when they moved out or freed up space at their homes or offices. Additionally, you can walk or drive around your town to look for advertisements for storage facilities. Doing so may even give you exclusive discounts on their services. If you are looking for secure, spacious, clean, and appropriately-priced safe keeping storage, I highly recommend A Safe Place Self Storage and its services. Check out its website to learn more about its storage solutions that will help you move houses or have a roomier office.