Everything You Need To Know About Adhesive Mats

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Critical environment need to be protected from viable and non-viable contamination that can affect productivity and quality of things. You need some best solutions to keep the contaminants out of the cleanroom. Sticky mats, which are also called tacky mats or adhesive mats are providing the vital solution to this problem.

Contamination control mats are the most effective method of removing dirt and other contaminants. These mats are placed at high-traffic areas to capture particles from shoes and wheels of transferring carts. They have non-transferring adhesive sheets that can be easily peeled off when the layer is completely dirty and a fresh sheet is exposed.

If you are a business, it also becomes essential to make the best first impression. So, why not get your personalized custom logo mats? It will also give you the best brand recognition since your logo and business name that stands out will get the attention of your customers.

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How To Use Tacky Mats?

Mat requirements for every cleanroom may vary by size and placement of mats. They should always be placed in clean, hard flooring. Since you will be sticking it directly on the floor, you should make sure that the floor is very clean and if you are installing a new adhesive mat, be sure to clean up the old adhesive if any.

These mats mostly include thirty layers of adhesive sheets that make it easier to peel off the dirty sheet from the top layer. But care must be taken when you remove the top layer. Otherwise, it may lead to the wasting of sticky sheets. Take care not to rip off as the dust may fly and get into a clean environment.

Where To Place?

Contaminant control mats need to be placed in all areas where they should be clean. Common hallway, Cleanroom gowning area, staging area, entry and exit points of cleanroom are some places to mention. Make sure that the dimension of sticky mats covers at least two-third or three-fourth of the width of the entrance to cover maximum footfalls.

The length of these mats should also be long enough, usually 45”, to provide space for at least two footfalls.


These mats are available in both light and dark colors and also in custom colors. But the color has nothing to do with the effectiveness of the mat. Light colors will show most dirt and it will be easier to know when to change layers.

So, get your customized sticky mats to ensure the cleanliness of your organization.