Excellent Ways to Transform Your Home Décor with Animal Skin Rugs


Are you hoping to add some stun to your indoor space? Animal skins have been in style for centuries and they aren’t going away anytime soon. At Hide Rugs, it does not end with cowhides. We offer a stunning selection of sheepskin, reindeer hide, goatskin, springbok, and blespok hides. Smart utilisation of the various tones of such animal skins can add pizazz to each room in your home.

If you think there is no space in your house for an animal skin or hide, read on. You’ll be astonished at how you can utilise the luxurious products to infuse sophistication into your abode.

Here are some excellent ways an authentic animal skin rug can bring an upmarket feel to your living spaces.

1.   Animal Skin Rugs Add Impact

Indeed, even a muted, downplayed colour scheme can profit by the addition of a genuine animal skin rug. Cowhides and goatskins are available in as many hues as the number of cows and goats. You’re not confined to the classic black and white markings of the dairy cows when you utilise animal skin hides. The sporadic states of animal skin rugs are ideal for when a circular or square floor covering doesn’t fit your standards.

2.   Shrewd Conversation Pieces

Animal skin rugs can be utilised for something other than floor covers. Wrap one over a plain hued couch for an instant lift or place one over a wall to make a sensational focal point. Moreover, you could reupholster a stool with an animal hide, or use it as a focal point over a table fabric.

3.   Enhancing Small Spaces

Animal skins add a startling touch to any room. The rich detail offered by an animal skin rug adds a beautiful appeal to any clumsy little corner. No one loves a little, cold and an inviting washroom. Add warmth and enthusiasm to the humblest room in the home with a cowhide or sheep skin rug.

4.   Make a Cosy Comfort Zone

Create an outstanding alcove by putting a warm animal skin rug underneath a reading chair. Or, go the classic path with an enormous skin spread before your chimney. The bedroom is a conspicuous option for a warm, fuzzy animal skin mat to warm your feet as you get out of bed. You can also stretch out the luxury to a child’s nursery. Animal skin rugs offer a delicate landing spot to babies figuring out how to walk.

5.   Differentiation or compliment

Does the general plan of your home have a moderate feel? You add a pop of shade with animal skin mats dyed in your colour of choice. Some hides are even available in metallic hues. The differentiation in texture itself adds enthusiasm to an otherwise downplayed look. A completely white animal skin rug looks exquisite on a wooden floor. A brown and white hide adds a manly touch to man cave design. Animal skins are a decent way to include other components in a comparable shade to your main colour plan without being boring. To flaunt your hide’s variegated patents, put it beneath a glass coffee table.

At Hide Rugs, we stock an enormous assortment of cowhide, sheepskin, reindeer hide and exotic hides. We are more than willing to help you choose the trendiest frill for your home.