External Bifold Doors: What Are the Different Types Available?

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External bifold doors are the best option for your house with large glass panels making room for natural lights to enter the house. It merges the interior with the outer space when opened up fully. It also gives you a much wider view of your garden area or lawn from inside the house. It takes up very little space as it folds back and assembles against the wall.

You will get many options of bi-folding doors and the features may differ in quality, colour, style, number of panels, types of glaze and so on. Opt for a professional and accredited supplier and installer like The bifolding DOOR factory. They provide services throughout the whole of UK. The costs of their bifold doors are quite reasonable.

Have a look at these common types of external bifold doors you can choose from –

  • Types Based on Materials Used

Bifold doors generally have double or triple glazed glass panels set in frames. These frames come in variety of materials like uPVC, solid woods, composite woods, and aluminium. uPVC has lost its popularity due to its wear out tendency. Solid woods may look exquisite, but are very expensive and is much heavier than the other alternative materials.

Aluminium frames may incur a high initial cost, but in the long run it is very cost effective. It requires low maintenance and has long durability. You don’t have to worry you can fit the aluminium frames to your aesthetics as it comes with many choices of colours and also with timber effect.

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  • Types Based on Panel Style

Bifold doors generally have more than two panels. The more the length of the door-opening is, the greater number of panels you would need. Configuration of the panels is done on the basis of number of panels you need.

For instance, you have three panelled bifold door, it will open and fold to one side of your choice. If it’s a six panelled door, you can divide it from middle and fold the sets of three panels to either side. Here, you might get an option to divide in 1+5 opening.

  • Types Based on Door-opening Option

You can choose to slide your door to left or right and also open from the centre. It is obvious that it would depend on the number of panels you install. However, also have a clear picture of the layout of your room and see whether it fits.

  • Thermal Efficiency

Appearance alone cannot serve the purpose. Checking thermal efficiency is very important for perfect heat insulation. Install a bifold door with less U value.

  • Price

Manufacturing and installation cost vary from one company to another. The making style of the door also renders different price. The modern security mechanism and custom glaze can be more expensive.

You can get a quote by the supplier with specifications of your preferences, measurement and design of the layout. They would also consider your budget and give the best possible quote. So, you can easily select the choice that suits you best.