Few Essential Checklists for Bathroom Renovation

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Whether you want to renovate your bathroom or kitchen there is a special role of carpentry and hence you will need a good carpentry service to take up such projects.

LMC Building Services can offer you necessary services whether you are going for kitchen renovations Newcastle or bathroom renovation projects in your home.

The following are the essential checklists for your bathroom renovations Newcastle:

  • Strip-out may take up to 2 or 3 days.
  • Only if needed then the builder will undertake any structural work or do repairs on water damage.
  • Wherever necessary carpenter will do the modification.
  • The work of the plumber will depend upon the condition of your pipes and drainage. Based on that plumber will spend time.
  • Both plumber and electrician can work simultaneously unless any complex work is needed either of them.
  • A couple of days needed to prepare the walls and floors. After that tiling will be placed.
  • You may need at least 5 days to cure the waterproofing membrane. Your water-proofer will exactly tell you how long it will take to complete.
  • Only after waterproofing is done, a built-in bath can be installed. A freestanding tub will then be installed after your floor is tiled.
  • If required, the cornice moulding is going to be installed.
  • Next will be tiling, grouting, and followed by painting. This time can vary, but it may take up about a week to complete. In case you are installing tiles of floor-to-ceiling type then the ceiling painting will be done first.
  • The shower screen installer will then measure the space for a shower enclosure. They will install the shower afterward.
  • Vanity and storage cabinets then will be installed, which may take from 1- 3days.
  • The electrician and plumber will do the necessary fit-outs.
  • Mirrors, shower screens, and other accessories are installed.
  • Final cleaning and inspection.

With this, your bathroom renovations Newcastle will be complete.