Finer Choices for the perfection of Interior Designing


One of the most recent trends in interior design is combining old and new furniture. Combining vintage with a modern living style has some interesting effects and benefits. If you choose to combine different living styles, you create a living style that is nice and varied and surprising. You will encounter both traditional and contemporary elements in this type of home.

Furthermore, these interior types are nice and timeless and they appeal to everyone from traditional to modern. Furthermore, vintage in combination with modern ensures a house that is warm and atmospheric, because it contains many personal elements. But how can you tactically combine old and new furniture into a unique and surprising style? Use the tips below and also choose to combine vintage with a contemporary living style.

A contemporary living room with vintage elements

You can combine different living styles in the living room by opting for sleek and contemporary furniture, combined with loose vintage accessories. For example, it is nice to hang a classic chandelier in the living room or to combine some retro armchairs with contemporary furniture. In case of the interior design styles this is one very important bit of work for you now.

Don’t overdo it

Combining old and new furniture is one of the most effective ways to create a mixed interior. But don’t overdo the number of vintage items. Usually four to six vintage elements are enough for a nice mixed style.

Design a unique kitchen with a vintage table

In addition to combining furniture in the living room, you can also rebuild the kitchen and combine different living styles there. A sleekly designed kitchen, for example, looks great with a vintage wooden dining table with some traditional vases on it.

Slats in the kitchen

Or opt for wooden slats as window coverings in a contemporary kitchen. By hanging a few old paintings in the kitchen, the atmosphere immediately becomes very different and completely unique.

Note the use of color

The best combination of a vintage design with a contemporary interior can be achieved by looking subtly at color combinations. By using Scandinavian design as the basis for furniture and the main colors of walls, you can add a lot of vintage. Scandinavian furniture is light, white, gray, brown or black, and those are exactly the colors that go well with a modern home and with vintage.

Vintage is hot. While it was not exactly cool years ago when you went to a thrift store, it is precisely these stores that are now experiencing heyday. Flea markets and Marktplaats also benefit from all those customers who are looking for vintage. Flea markets are also very popular in France. With your choice of used device you give these things a chance for a second (or third) life.

Vintage styling of your office

In the introduction, we mainly talked about furniture items, accessories and trash accessories for the home. But also setting up an office 100% new and super modern is no longer so hot. You can also place vintage items and add old-look accents in your practice space. Or how about a mix of vintage and modern? If you coordinate it well, it will lead to a unique combination that will not get bored easily. Timelessness can be beautiful.

What is vintage?

Retro and vintage are terms that are used interchangeably, partly rightly. We officially call something vintage when it is at least thirty years old. Are you buying something that has not reached that minimum age yet, but does have the look? Then you can safely call it retro.