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Float Switch Preventive Maintenance Guide


The best kind of preventive maintenance is done when you’re first looking for the equipment, not during scheduled downtime or after installation. Preventive maintenance will help you ensure that you’ve selected the perfect equipment for your application. It applies to all kinds of devices, including pumps, motors, drives, and water tank float switches.

Here are some factors you should consider if you wish to extend the life of your float switch:

1. Exposure to Dust and Dirt

It’s important to make sure the instruments and the associated float switch parts have been rated for use in a dirty or dusty environment. You need to do your research about the NEMA and IP ratings that are needed to protect the equipment from dust. If the dust is found to be combustible, you’ll need to get hazardous location approvals as well.

Temperature can also damage the components and materials used which is why you need to be aware of the operating temperature limitations as well for your float switch.

2. Corrosive Environments

A corrosive environment is basically any environment that contains gaseous contaminants such as ammonia, sulfuric and hydrochloric acids, just to name a few. Even areas with a lot of dust and humidity can be considered corrosive.

You need to be especially careful and make sure you’re not installing the float switch in a corrosive environment where these chemicals can damage the equipment through plumbing leaks, vapors, and fumes.

3. Wet and Damp Areas

You also need to make sure you’ve kept the electronics protected if you’re installing your float switch in a wet and damp area. You should determine whether the equipment you’re using is rated for use in wet areas or not. This is extremely crucial to the life cycle of your float switch.

Final Thoughts

It’s advisable to uninstall your float switch every year at least and clean it thoroughly to extend its lifespan.

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