Getting Rid of Pet Urine Stains on Your Carpet

Cleaning tips

We all love pets and all the happy moments that they bring into our lives, but they do not come without costs. In particular, the occasional urine leak onto your home’s carpet could give you a terrible time. In fact, pet urine will cause damage your furnishings if not treated right, coupled with foul odours.

Why Do Pets Occasionally Urine on Home Furnishings?

Typically, if trained right, pets do not intentionally urine on furnishings such as your carpet. However, if they do, it may be simply that they are too young to know or too old to control. Another possibility is that they are sick or stressed out, thus leading to an uncontrolled urine discharge. In summary, certain conditions may lead to your pets taking a leak on your carpet even if they have been well trained.

Why You Should Care

If ignored, urine can penetrate deep into the fibres of your carpet and even the flooring that is beneath it. Unlike other stains caused by food, urine dries quickly. When the liquid from the urine evaporates, urine crystals are left behind. It is these crystals that release the heavy pungent smell. If your family or friends are sensitive to odours and germs, then they may be hit by nausea. 

A Common Mistake Made by Homeowners

A common mistake that homeowners make is to drench their furnishing in water after spotting the stain. Water as a cleaning solvent is ineffective as the urine crystals will react with the moisture. This reaction releases even heavier pungent smells into the room.

What You Should Do Instead

Instead of flooding your carpet with water, you should first use kitchen towels or tissues to quickly soak up as much of the urine as possible from your carpet. Next, fill a spray bottle with household ammonia and water. Spraying this mixture on the stain helps to temporarily remove the urine odour.

The third step involves lightly spraying water over the targeted area before spreading sheets of kitchen towels on the targeted area. A heavy object is then pressed down on the wipes, allowing the kitchen towels to absorb more moisture from the stained area.

Lastly, a solution consisting of 3% hydrogen peroxide can be applied to the affected area. These steps should be repeated until the stain fade away.

Contracting a Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

If the stains prove too stubborn for home remedies, then consider hiring a professional pet urine remover. Certain stains may be too ingrained depending on the fabric or time lapsed, thus stronger solutions combined with professional expertise is needed for their removal. In particular, high powered cleaning machines owned by professional companies can be used to expel dirt form deep inside your carpet’s fibres.