Greater Choices for the Best Home Insurance Options Now


Always keep in mind that the house is not a safe, but that things of particular value must be held in special places. In case of the proper home insurance you can have the best deal now.

Theft Insurance

Theft insurance compensates the insured for theft or robbery of the contents in the home. There is compensation for damage caused by thieves, such as damage to the lock. In order for the theft to be indemnified, external defenses must have been violated to enter the house. If the thief enters through an open door or window, the cover is generally not valid, unless there are people in the house. Some policies provide for the effectiveness of the guarantee only under the following conditions:

  • Dwelling located on the ground floor, first floor (less than 4 meters above the ground) and on the attic floor: windows, skylights, dormers and any other opening that could lead into the insured dwelling must be protected throughout their extension from: wooden windows, in rigid plastic or metal or metal alloy and closed with locks, padlocks or other safety systems that can be operated exclusively from inside the premises, or from shatterproof glass or from full-section grilles driven into the wall.

Dwelling located on the other floors: the doors of the dwelling must be protected throughout their extension by wooden or rigid plastic or metal or metal alloy doors and windows and closed with locks, padlocks or other safety systems operable exclusively by the inside the premises. Entry into the home must have taken place through the breaking of the access door closures, or by artificial means or the entry of a person through openings, even unprotected, different from the access doors. With the proper Home Insurance with Averson Insurance you can have the best deals now.

People who rent an apartment usually don’t think about buying an insurance policy. Among the stress of moving, the boxes to be opened and the objects to be rearranged, the stipulation of insurance is often the last concern of the tenants. But having a good insurance policy is important not only for us homeowners, but also for tenants, who might realize it when it is too late.

In many years of rents, we have seen many tenants come and go. In most cases everything went well, but not a few people found themselves confronted with thefts, small fires, and flooding of the apartment.

What Happened to My Tenants

Once, thugs broke into an apartment inhabited by an elderly tenant, stealing her family jewels. The lady accused me of making the theft possible, since the apartment was not equipped with an alarm system and video surveillance, and tried to sue me for aiding and abetting. Not only that, he also decided not to renew the rental contract. So, in addition to the hassle of a process, we also found ourselves losing an excellent tenant.