Have Air Conditioning Maintenance for Ac to Function Well


If you want air-conditioner to function well and have a long life- span you must have annual air conditioner maintenance. The fins, coils, and filters of the air conditioner need regular maintenance to function efficiently. When you do not have annual maintenance the functioning will slowly decline and energy use will increase.

For the air-conditioner to run smoothly the filters which are clogged should be cleaned. When filters are dirty normal flow of air is blocked, which decreases the efficiency of the system. The obstruction of the normal flow of air through the filters will force the air to go to the evaporator coil and decrease the heat-absorbing capacity of the coil.

What happens when air-conditioner filters are blocked?

When the filters of the air-conditioner are blocked the heat-absorbing capacity of the coil will be impaired. If you replace clogged filters with clean one the energy consumption of the air –conditioners will be reduced substantially. The central air conditioners have filters located along the length of the ducts. Commonly filters are located in ceilings, walls, furnaces or the air-conditioners themselves.

The air-conditioners fitted in rooms have filters fixed in the grill that faces the room. Some filters can be reused while some have to be replaced. They are available in different efficiencies and types. During the cooling season, you will have to clean or replace filters once a month or once in two months. If the air conditioner is on permanently then filters will have to be replaced more often.

Air Conditioner Replacement

Air conditioners cannot last permanently. After years of use, you will have to go for air conditioner replacement. There will be certain signs to tell you it is time to replace your air-conditioner.

Your air-conditioner is over ten years’ old- Most of the air-conditioners last for ten years and then have to be replaced.

Regular break-downs – If it breaks down regularly then you know it is time for a replacement.

You have extended your home – When you install an air-conditioner you install it as per the area of your home so that it can cool it properly. But when you extend the space you will require a bigger air-conditioner to cool the entire space.

Increase in Utility Bills – When your air-conditioner gets old it starts consuming more energy so the energy bills will go up.

Installation of a new Air Conditioner

When you buy a new air-conditioner initially you will pay more but in the long run, you will save a lot of money. The energy charges will be less and you will not have to call the company for repairs, so no breakdowns, no repair charges.


If your air-conditioner breaks down regularly then you know it is time for air conditioner replacement.