Heat Pumps: How do they work and what are the important parts?

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A heat pump is used for air conditioning, but also for heating if the appliance is reversible which you bought or will buy from heat pump contractors online at affordable prices. It is a thermal machine that allows energy to be transferred in the form of heat from one environment to another, as required. For this, it uses the properties of change of state of a refrigerant fluid and the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics.

Heat pump: efficient and energy saving

Heat pumps are the most efficient air conditioning devices that exist. They are based on the technique of “compression-refrigeration”. They achieve their high efficiency (of up to 400%), thanks to the fact that they take advantage of the laws of physics in their favor. Heat pumps absorb heat from one place and transfer it to another, just as hydraulic pumps do with water. Due to the possibility of reversing their operation, they are currently used as heating in winter and as cooling system in summer.

Parts of the heat pump

Here are the parts of a heat pump –

Evaporator: It absorbs heat from the environment. This part of the machine is similar to a radiator, a coil through which very cold gas circulates. This part is usually inside the rooms.

Compressor: It absorbs the refrigerant liquid at low pressure that comes from the evaporator and releases it at high pressure. As the pressure increases, the gas turns back to liquid but hotter. This part is usually outside the rooms.

Condenser: It is a long and narrow tube in the shape of a serpentine. It absorbs the fluid (hot and liquefied gas) from the compressor. This is the part that is outside and the reason why when we pass by the street in summer near an air conditioning we get warmer air.

Expansion valve: Here the “tempered” and liquefied gas expands, transforming into gas again and at a very low temperature. It is a property of any gas, as it expands it cools. In short, it expands the gas, cools it and turns it into a gas by expanding it.


Now that you know the basic operation and parts that a heat pump uses, you must also know that the heat pumps need periodical maintenance done by the experts. A heat pump must also be installed by expert service provider. Hire online installation and heat pump maintenance service at affordable prices.