Here’s What You Need to Know About Air Duct Cleaning


Are you someone who cannot tolerate dirt and dust around your air conditioner? If yes, then you immediately need to opt for the apt air duct cleaning State Island NY. You require an air duct specialist to get rid of all the dirt and dust which is around the indoor walls in your home or office to breathe the clean air.

What Does Air Duct Cleaning Mean?

The reason why air duct cleaning Staten Island NY is so popular is that it is very important, and people always look forward to having this service at regular intervals. It is known that air ducts trap almost 40lbs of mold, dust, dirt and this dust is trapped inside the ducts which get circulated within the homes each time when we switch on our air conditioners. These lead to the releasing of impure air which leads to several health issues such as coughing, fever, asthma etc.

Importance of Choosing a Commercial Air Duct Cleaner

It is vital to clean the air ducts regularly, which directly guarantees a better level of air quality to breathe. With the availability of good quality air, one can enjoy the air circulation with the air ducts which are well maintained. This also results in optimum cooling or heating. It is always better to hire mold specialists Staten Island to get your air ducts cleaned.

The Process of Mold Removal

Several mold specialists Staten Island follow these steps for mold removal:

  1. The mold specialist visits the property to have a visual check of the problem and ensuring the course of action. With the customers, the technicians plan a method to remove all the mold and clean the air duct. The proper method is customised and finalized.
  2. Once the method is frozen, the technician will bring in the correct equipment which is needed to prevent the cross-contamination of the unaffected areas. This is a very integral and crucial step to ensure that there is not a single mold growth in any of the areas as home maintenance is the top priority for us.
  3. The team do the necessary personal protective equipment which ensures the safety of everyone involved at the place. For the experts, there is nothing which comes before customer safety.
  4. All the structural material which have visible signs of mold and various other contaminants are properly disposed of by the experts while using the commercial-grade bags of waste to ensure that no further material is released.
  5. This is followed by dehumidification and air cleansing of the air ducks; the experts then make use of application of anti-microbial agents to all the surfaces which are hard within the area to kill the remaining molds and prevent their future growth.
  6. Surfaces such as wood or concrete will be disinfected with the help of anti-microbial agents to stop any growth of the molds.
  7. Once all the process is over, the entire will be HEPA vacuumed which ensures that no microparticles such as bacteria, molds or other contamination are left.