Home Decor


Making your home the perfect place with beautiful decor, showcasing your style, and creating a warm atmosphere is fun, but also can be tricky if you don’t know where to start. Finding the right furniture for your home will make a difference in the overall look of any space, so it is essential to understand the difference between many furniture styles.


Rustic furniture looks aged, naturally roughed, and warm that involves earthy tones and textures. Comes in different versions:

Tuscan- Wood finishes with intricate patterns.

Coastal: Mostly blue tones encompassing marine life.

Cottage: Botanical colors with weathered details.


Minimalistic design with straight lines and neutral colors. Beautiful sleek furniture made out of steel, metal, plastic or wood, creating a clean and open atmosphere.


Retro furniture encircles style from the 1950s to the 1980s, which means using what is out of date and making it stylish all over again.


Different from retro, antique furniture means anything older than 100 years, and how rare it is, in what condition it is found and the material that was used.

Shabby Chic

Cozy home decor, utilizing different fabrics, harmonious colors, and fluffy sofas.

Art Deco

Geometrical and aligned furniture very often accompanied by glass or mirror.


This style shares many similarities with modern furniture; clean lines with a sleek look, but it tends to be in black and white tones instead of bold and colorful ones.


Similar style to shabby chic where everything goes. A mixture of colors and surfaces that together create a creative and cozy home.


Have you seen a piece of furniture that is 30 years old or up to 100 years old? That is vintage. It usually has soft curves, bright colors and creates a crowded look in a room.

The most significant aspect of furniture purchasing is that there are so many options for any body’s personal preferences and budgets. Looking at magazines or websites to gather ideas and find inspiration should be at the top of the list of remodeling, so invest time looking through furniture styles.

Remember that it is also about the little details as well; don’t forget about candles, books, frames for your artwork, flowers, or simply a small electronic device that can change the overall appearance of the space you are trying to create. At the end of the day is what interests you the most and how you make it work with what you can find.

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