Home Renovation Ideas for Small Homes

Home Improvement

Smaller homes are becoming more and more on trend as more people learning to downsize their lifestyle. Many are embracing the tiny house mentality, mainly because the cost of real estate can be steep in many areas and maintaining a huge house can also be impractical. All that is well and good but the thing about a small space is that it can easily become cramped and stale and if not done right can be a little claustrophobic.

The secret to having and thriving in a small space is constant reinvention and the ability to be able to move things around so that you can make the space appear as if it is bigger or new and fresh. A good contractor can help utilize the small space of your home.  We hired a great kitchen remodeling contractor to create a functional but small kitchen for our home. Here are some ideas you can try out if you wish to introduce some renovations or improvements to your small space.

1. Install additional lightning fixtures or putting light in advantageous areas. Areas which are narrow can appear more cramped than it really is, so putting in brighter lights on hallways can make it appear more spacious. Additionally, putting in pin lights on overhead boards can be cost efficient because you do not have to put on lights to illuminate the whole area. Mood lighting or dimmer lighting can also spell a world of difference as it can transform multiple use rooms. Example, when brightly lit the living room is a family room, but once the lights are dimmed, it can become a movie room.

2. Installing skylights or stretching your windows towards your ceiling. Again, this is a play on lights. By allowing more natural lighting to come into a room, it will give the feel and appearance of a more spacious area. Also, by adjusting the focal point of a room upwards will add to the illusion that there is more space.

3..Plan out areas to make use of dead space or awkward angles. This is inevitable to be done considering that you only have so much to work with. You cannot afford to waste even an inch of space to be purposeless.

4. Do not over stuff your space. Having enough storage is the key to enjoying small living. If your space is cluttered and things are strewn all around, it will cramp your space even more. Be sure to put things in their proper place and keep the space spruced up and tidy.

5. Make use of the height of a room. If all the horizontal space has already been used up or allocated to be used, then why not consider using the vertical space. You can opt for a loft installation for an extra room or for extra storage space. The most viable areas for this are those spaces above doors which can hold sporting equipment of bags or even shoes. The area above a work station can double as storage for clothes or materials needed for work.

6. Consider the wall décor. Statement walls are amazing. Doing a textured wall can help give an appearance of a wider area. Also, worth exploring are colors that you put up. Choose those that tend to brighten up a room. Not only will your space feel bigger and brighter but your mood can be uplifted, as well. Check for one of the best HDB interior designer to hire.

For more renovation services and ideas, AC Vision compiles a gallery of the best inspirations to help you maximize your space, while giving the illusion of a bigger house at the same time.