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The rental property must be sufficiently identified. The contract must include at least the address of the property, the type of the apartment, the area and other premises to which the contract gives access and the purpose of the use of these premises.

Item identification

Marking the address of the rental property is, of course, necessary to identify the property. Sometimes it may be necessary to define the rental destination more precisely. For example, if the house is rented only upstairs, it should be mentioned in the contract. If only one building is rented from one property or only one room from one apartment, the property to be rented can be identified, for example, by marking it in a map appendix or floor plan appendix.The registration of the type of apartment in the contract is mainly informative. Enter the number of rooms, for example “2h + k” or “4h + k + s”.


Information about the area of ​​the apartment should be entered in the contract as approximately. In this way, unnecessary surface disputes can be avoided. If the object is a housing stock, the area may be recorded in the Articles of Association. If the apartment is a checkmaster, the checkmaster area can also be marked.

Other spaces

If the contract gives access to other premises besides the apartment, they should also be included in the contract. Other facilities may include, for example, a terraced apartment yard, a parking space or garage, a cold basement, an attic, or other storage space. Other spaces should also be identified with sufficient precision in terms of words, letters, numbers, or map appendix.

The tenants mentioned in the contract will therefore be granted the exclusive right of use. In addition to these, he gets access to, for example, the common areas of the housing association. However, the use of some common areas must be specifically agreed with the housing association. Such facilities include e.g. house saunas and laundries.

Other use

The tenant has the right to use part of the apartment for purposes other than living. However, the apartment should be primarily for residential use, so other uses should be limited to less than half the area of ​​the apartment. Other uses may include, for example, using one room as a dentist, lawyer or barber’s office, office, etc. Other uses should be noted in the rental agreement’s identification. Get more info on the same and make your pick.

Lease: Indefinite contract

A contract of indefinite duration will remain in effect until terminated by the landlord or tenant. The contract shall also state the date when the period of notice begins. By law, notice periods start on the last day of the calendar month, but can be agreed differently. Very common is the practice of agreeing on the first possible start date of the notice period, approximately one year after the start date of the lease.

An indefinite lease must indicate the commencement date of the lease and the date of transfer. For example, in a situation where the landlord is refurbishing the apartment after the last lease, the date of transfer may be later than the date of commencement of the lease.