How do I stop water from coming into my basement?

Home Improvement

Basement moisture can be tedious. It can lead to odd smells in your home, and it can favor the onset of mold and similar issues. But the most problematic part of having a wet basement is that it can cause structural damage to your home. Luckily, there is some expert advice on how to stop water from coming into a basement. Next, we’ve shared our team’s recommendations on keeping your basement dry and safe.


The first thing you can do is grade the landscape around your house. If the slopes lean toward the structure, water can reach with ease the foundation. So, if you aim to stop water from coming into your basement, you’ll have to start by re-grading the landscape.

Exterior drainage systems

Another thing you can do to prevent a wet basement is to install a reliable exterior drainage system. Indeed, this might come out with some expenses, but it can become an excellent drainage solution to prevent water in your basement.

Foundation waterproofing

Another exterior home improvement you can do to avoid getting water in your basement is foundation waterproofing. The outer wall surface can benefit from an extra layer of insulation so that you prevent water from entering your home.

Fixing cracks

Besides foundation waterproofing, you should pay close attention to any cracks present on the exterior walls. These are more serious than you think, and they can allow water to infiltrate inside slowly. Fixing cracks is key to keeping your basement dry. But if you’re not sure how to manage this, asking a professional contractor for help can be key to solving the problem.

Pipe maintenance

Did you know that another cause for water in a basement is a leaking pipe? Well, if you’re concerned about this, asking a professional to check your home’s piping system can help you a lot. He will notice all issues, fix the leaks, and even suggest an additional insulation layer to prevent further problems.

Basement waterproofing

Sealing the interior of your basement is key to avoiding water damage. Usually, experts will install an internal French drainage system to redirect water that gathers to a sump pump. Also, they will use internal sealants to fix cracks and prevent water from seeping through. Basement waterproofing should always be done by a professional since only a waterproofing expert can find and fix all the problems.


This is how to stop water from coming into a basement. Following these expert tips can save you a lot of unnecessary expenses. But we do encourage you to consider hiring a waterproofing expert for the best results for your basement waterproofing.