How to calculate the price of an international move


All of the above factors can reduce the cost of an international move from one to three times. This is why it is better to contact several international moving professionals in order to obtain different quotes.

The volume to be moved will be assessed during the visit of the moving professional who will establish an estimate. However, you can estimate the number of m3 yourself with the help of the online moving volume calculators.

Note: a professional international mover who works regularly with the same agents will surely be able to give you advantageous prices. Find out about the preferred countries of your professional mover. For a move in Europe you can refer to this article to know the price of a move. For another continent, it will be better to make several requests for quotes directly in order to determine more precisely the price of an international move. The use of the long distance movers North Carolina is important now.

The price of an international move is calculated according to the following different criteria:

  • The volume to be moved in m3
  • The chosen service (basic, average, superior or luxury)
  • The layout of the premises (floor, elevator, etc.)
  • The distance to be traveled between the country of origin and the country of destination
  • The choice of transport
  • The duration constraint (a quick move will cost more)
  • Specific furniture (example: a piano)

Example of the price of an international move

It will be complicated to give a price per m3 for an international move because the price will vary enormously depending on the quality and type of service.

To give you an idea, a move by boat (reputed to be the cheapest transport) of 30 m3 of furniture and personal effects (the equivalent of a 3/4 room apartment) will cost a minimum at € 7,000 for New York and € 8,500 for Tokyo. For a move by air, we can exceed 10,000 euros depending on the country of destination and the airline chosen.

Advice for an international move

Anticipate your move as much as possible. Make sure you prepare it as much as possible in advance and thus have the time to compare and choose the company that will be the most able to carry out your move at the best price.

Remember that most of the goods you own are easily replaced. For an international move, it is better to devote its efforts to your valuables or sentimental values ​​rather than having fun sending a plastic chair or a Swedish coffee table to the other corner of the earth.

To estimate the price of the move yourself, all you have to do is calculate the volume of your goods per m3, choose the closest configuration and multiply this volume by the price according to the range of services to which you plan to subscribe.

Price of a mover

Another option is if you don’t want to go through an all-inclusive moving company. You can rent a moving truck or utility truck on your own and hire a moving team. You should know that the cost of labor represents between 60 and 70% of the price of a moving service.

The price of a mover will also be calculated according to the same criteria as the full service of a move. It will therefore be defined according to the volume, the configuration of the apartment and the distance. As with the calculation of the price of a move with a mover service, the price of a professional mover is subject to a quote for a precise estimate according to your needs and the configuration of your move.