How to choose an aim pendant lamp

Home Improvement

Versatile and beautiful, aim pendant lamps are one of the most popular types of lights. But choosing an aim pendant lamp for your room is not always as easy as it seems. Follow the below tips for further assistance:

The first thing to take into account is, logically, the style of the room where you are going to install the lamp.

Is it classic, modern, loaded or neutral?

Second, the ratio between the lamp and its surroundings, both in width and height, is important. Too small a lamp will look insignificant, while an oversized lamp will overfill the space and restrict lines of sight. Always think that a successful ceiling lamp complements a space, does not overload it.

Perhaps the most typical hanging lamp installation is above a dining table. And it is that it always gives a touch of warmth and style, if it is chosen correctly. It should be hung approximately 1.7m above the ground, allowing diners to converse without the light being too intrusive. It is also advisable to install a dimmer, as it allows you to gain flexibility and adjust the light level depending on the environment you want to create.

Go with latest trend

One of the current trends is to install three ceiling lamps together, at different heights, on the dining room table or in a corner. Choose different lamps from the same family or the same lamp in different colors.

Finally, a popular option is to place a couple or three of lamps above the kitchen counter – for American kitchens. For this option we can already find some lamps on the market with various pendants

If you are looking for a lamp to make a gift, choose it thinking about the house where it will be placed: a wonderful Tiffany floor lamp is a precious object but it might not be to the taste and demands of those who love a minimalist design. Instead, you can give a metal design lamp to those who have chosen a classic decoration for their home. The strident contrast that it will create will be truly spectacular!