How to fix a running toilet

Home Improvement

Your toilet might be running, and it’s not just annoying, but the wasting of water is not a good thing. Thus, a quick remedy to this problem should be found. In this segment, I will mention the methods to fix a running toilet.

Flapper Issue

Mostly, a bad flapper (rubber stopper in the tank) is behind your running toilet, and in that scenario, you should open the toilet tank and look for it if it is working fine or not. The flappers wear out, and due to that, it doesn’t offer the necessary perfect grip, and thus, even when not flushing, the toilet keeps running.

The solution to this problem is replacing the flapper, and trust me; it is the best solution because cleaning and repairing don’t last for longer and is not even possible at times. The installation is pretty simple, and usually, the guide comes with the new flapper, and you can DIY by paying attention.

Bad Fill Tube

If the flapper was fine and the toilet is running, then there might be something wrong with the fill tube of your toilet tank. This tube links the fill valve with the overflow pipe (used to drain the excess water).

If the fill tube is found to be underwater, then there is trouble with it. The remedy in this situation is to cut back the fill tube so that the water level gets cleared properly by the fill tube.

Fill Valve Issue

If the above two problems are not found, then the third most common problem faced in this scenario is the fill valve.

To check the fill valve, the first thing to do is to drain the tank. Now fill the tank by adjusting the float in a way that the tank stops filling when the water level is about one inch below the overflow pipe.

If you still see the leakage, then replacing the fill valve might help. To do so, first, you have to remove the previous fill valve. But don’t worry, as you can DIY if you follow the right steps!

  • First off, turn the water supply off, flush your toilet and drain it up to the last drop.
  • Unscrew the fill valve, disconnect the supply line, and remove the old fill valve.
  • Now, it is time to install your new fill valve.
  • Insert the new fill tank to the place of the old one and tighten the lock nut.
  • Remember that you have to improvise it in such a way that your overflow pipe is at least one inch lower than the critical level that you may see on the fill valve.
  • Attach the fill tube as well, just like before, with one end attached to the fill valve nipple and the other to the enclosed angle adopter.
  • Now, you have to clip that angle adopter with the overflow pipe.
  • Make the other attachments as were before and turn the water on by connecting the supply pipe first.


There can be various causes behind a running toilet but what matters is that you get them fixed by the end of the day. Follow the right steps and DIY easily.