How to know that you need the best air purifier?

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The quality of air in our homes plays a vital role in deciding our health conditions. That is why it is very important to ensure that the indoor air is free from any impurities.

But how to know that the indoor air in our homes or offices is not clean and we need the best air purifier to improve it.

Well, if we know about the harmful effects of dust, we can understand from the symptoms whether the air quality in our homes needs improvement or not.

The harmful effects of dust

The dust is found in the form of particles in varying sizes. Some particles are big enough and are easily visible through our eyes. These particles are not as harmful because our natural filtration system blocks them in our nose and mouth and blows out during the breathing cycle. Besides, in many cases, it can go down to our digestive system and gets removed through the excretion system.

However, some of the particles are too small to be visible through naked eyes. These particles are the ones that cause a lot of harm to our physical health. Our nose or mouth is not able to trap these particles and thus these particles enter into our respiratory system.

There would be two-fold effects of these invisible dust particles. In the short-term, they can cause sneezing, itching of eyes & skin, allergies, and mild asthma attacks, etc.

The long term effects of these particles can include breathlessness, chronic bronchitis, severe attacks of asthma, and cancer, etc.

How to know that you require an air purifier?

You can objectively assess the situation and find out if you need an air purifier or not.

  • Observing a lot of dust while cleaning is a sure sign of the presence of the invisible dust as well.
  • If your medication does not indicate any positive effect on your allergies or asthmatic attacks, there are chances that the quality of your indoor air needs improvement.
  • If you observe frequent attacks of allergies or respiratory problems in any of your family members for no apparent reason the impure air can be the culprit.

If you find any of these symptoms persisting for a long time, first of all, check for the sources of dust and plug them.

Once you have taken all preventive measures, seriously consider buying a good quality air purifier for your home.

Final Words

If you observe any symptoms that can be attributed to the impure air you need to take steps to prevent dust and other impurities from entering inside your home.

And even after taking all preventive measures if the problem persists, get the best air purifier to keep your indoor air clean at all times.