How to make a perfect playground in UAE?

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The playground is the most excellent spot for kids to learn, play, release the energy and most importantly, to distract from the gadgets. The play areas will ward off obesity, reduce emotional problems, and boost youngsters’ performance at school. Moreover, it is a community gathering spot for both adults and kids. Though playground is a perfect spot for the young ones to learn and grow, they can also lead to several injuries. While most of them will be small cuts and bruises, some of them will be serious injuries such as fractured bones, concussion etc. which happens mostly due to poorly constructed play areas. Here are some of the steps to make that perfect playground in UAE free from dangers.

Install safe play area flooring

The play area flooring should be secure and free from dangers such as glass, stones etc. It is necessary to install a shock-absorbing flooring to prevent severe injuries if in case your child falls off from the equipment. Avoid using concrete, asphalt, dirt or grassy surfaces on play areas as it will lead to more severe injuries.

Install safe and age-appropriate play area equipment

The kids should play in the age-appropriate playground equipment or else they will experience fall and severe injuries. Also, the equipment installed should be safe without sharp edges and rough surfaces. It should be made with soft materials such as rubber or plastic, not wood or metal.

Install the right play area shade

Kids tend to spend a lot of time in playgrounds, so protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays is crucial for their safety. Installing the right play area shade will protect them from the torrid weather.

Give Signage

The play area landscape should have signage that shows distinct areas for different age groups, or else kids will use the wrong equipment and call out dangers. The labelling of the equipment gives guidance to parents and caretakers about the age-appropriateness of the equipment.

Do not clutter the space.

Arrange the play area equipment to different sections- for active, physical activities vs more passive or quiet. Also, keep the heavy-use play equipment away to avoid the crowd.

Install age separating pathways

The layout of pathways and landscaping should show distinct areas for different age groups which makes it easy for the park users.

These are the necessary things to be taken care of while constructing a play area. However, it is best to seek the help of professionals for the smooth creation of play area spaces.