How to Make the Most of Unconventional Kitchen Shapes & Layouts


5 DIY Kitchen Upgrades That Will Transform Your Space and Enhance Your Life

Remodelling the kitchen is a big job, and not one to be taken lightly. A full kitchen remodel can last for months and cost many thousands of pounds, but when you are done you will have a whole new cooking and dining space.

If you want to change the look of your kitchen without the hassle or expense of a full remodel, there are plenty of smaller jobs you can do completely on your own. You do not have to be a contractor, or even particularly handy, to complete these five DIY kitchen updates.

  1. Add Drama to Your Walls with a Painted or Stencilled Border

If you like the colour scheme of your kitchen but crave something more, why not stencil a stylish border along the top of the room? Stencils provide error-free decoration and make it easier to change the look of the room whenever you want. You can find stencils in all kinds of styles, so you can transform the look of your kitchen any time you want.

  1. Beautify Your Backsplash with Stencils and Stickers

You can spend time and money on new tiles and a new coat of paint for your backsplash, but there is an even simpler way to make it pop. Stencils and stickers give you a chance to try out different looks before you make a permanent commitment, so pick up a variety and let your imagination run wild.

Once you find a look you love, you can recreate the same colour scheme with tiles and paint, but you may decide you like your stencils so much they become a permanent part of your kitchen backsplash.

  1. Replace or Paint Your kitchen Doors and Cabinets

You do not have to replace your kitchen doors to give the room a fresh new look. No matter how old your kitchen, you may be surprised at the difference a fresh new set of hardware can make.

Replacing the kitchen cabinet hardware is the ultimate DIY project; it’s easy to do, inexpensive and beautiful. Replacing that worn-out drawer pull or knob with stylish antique brass or brightly painted metal will make your cabinets pop and give the room a wonderful new look. If your existing kitchen hardware is still good, you can give it a new look with a fresh coat of paint.

  1. Add a Chalkboard for Daily Menus, Recipe Tips and More

A wall-mounted chalkboard will give your kitchen a sense of fun and whimsy, and give you a place to write notes, jot down recipe ideas and even create a daily menu plan for your family. Just hang the chalkboard wherever you want, hang a piece of chalk from one corner and get ready to be inspired.

  1. Give Your Faucets the Look of Bronze

You do not have to spend time replacing your kitchen faucets or spend big money either. Just pick up a can of bronze spray paint and give your kitchen faucets a whole new look.