How To Provide Alternate Equipment To Heating And Cooling Needs?


The fact that different countries have variations in climate is not unknown. Hence, the requirement to control the outside temperature is really essential to make the stay more comfortable.  For instance the heating and cooling needs can be solved by furnaces and air conditioners. But there is now use of alternate equipment that is highly energy-efficient. 

Use of heat pumps

The heat pumps are the latest way to control the outside temperatures in the best possible way. During hot season, one would need to feel cool inside the homes or the offices and during winters it is important to feel warm. This is only possible if you install the pumps in your house or office. The reasons are crystal clear:

  • The equipment is the one that can move the cool air that is outdoors into your warm spaces during summers. They also can move the heat form the cool spaces to the warm outdoors. There is movement of heat rather than generating heat.

You will find three types of heat pumps like:

Air to air

Water source


  • The heat pumps are used to basically collect the heat either from the air or water or even ground that is outside your home and then concentrate it inside for its usage.
  • These pumps are very useful because it reduces the use of electricity almost by 50% to the electric resistance. If you compare it with the centralised air conditioners, then you will find that it is an efficient way to even dehumidify the surroundings.
  • If the homes are having air conditioner without ducts, then the air source is the best option. There is a specialised system that is called as reverse cycle chiller where there is a generation of hot and cold water instead of air.
  • Geothermal is the most efficient way to transfer heat between the house and the ground. It is also very cost-effective and has many other advantages.

The main thing is the satisfaction of the customer in respect to the use of the pumps, especially in extreme climates.