How To Set Up A Breakfast Nook In Your Kitchen


Breakfast is a meal eaten in the morning. Experts stated that it is the most important meal of the day since breakfast breaks the overnight fasting period. This feast is the part that replenishes the supply of glucose in an individual’s body to boost their energy and alertness levels. There are a set of required nutrients that sustains the health of a person. Such as vitamins and minerals that give the body the required enrichment. 


Professionals proved that breakfast can jump-start a person’s metabolism. The calories are burned solely by its aid throughout the day. The morning hunch can be assistance with reducing the risk of malnourishment, risks of starving, cravings, and overeating throughout the day too. 


Last but not least, it supports the people who control their weight, considering it helps the stomach feel fuller for a long period.


That is why a person should not ignore the phrase, “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” because it is already scientifically proven by professionals.


The importance of breakfast in a person’s body is what motivated creative builders and architects of the 1920s to create a breakfast nook.


A breakfast nook is a place for brunch. It is a built-in chair and table mostly near the kitchen and often off the room. It is small but helps with an additional provision of space in the cooking area and still a useful invention to the household.


The breakfast nook became a popular style in the 1920s – most especially those small shelter that requires minimal furniture and appliances but bigger spaces.


As the 21st century began, minimal and aesthetic design became one of the mainstreams in beautifying the household’s style. Homeowners desire such style considering it is pleasing to the eyes and an alluring space that gives off comfort, not stress. The notoriety of the nominal outline was then soon followed by the rise of the breakfast nook. 


Numerous household owners are now understanding the importance of having a kitchen that easily provides convenience every single day. A kitchen that the people within the household can move simultaneously, above all when in a hurry every morning. 


Are you planning on restyling your kitchen with a minimal design? Try and insert a breakfast nook within your kitchen or off the kitchen to minimize the things, and add more space within your home. 


Find out how to install one on the infographic below brought to you by the most recognizable kitchen remodeling companies Rancho Santa Margarita has and kitchen cabinet Mission Viejo, Mr. Cabinet Care:


Kitchen Remodeling with Matte Black – Infographic