How You Can Get Rid of Flies from Your House?

Home Improvement

Flies are most stubborn and worst pests to get eliminated from your home. Such flies can be found almost everywhere wherever you may live. They can carry disease, bother your pets, and create a very unsightly environment. They can also lay eggs that lead to maggots that can cause plenty of problems at home.

If you are living on Norman then besides keeping your home clean, you must also hire service from a pest control Norman OK. Although there are plenty of home remedies available, but often they may not be a long-term solution.

Let us discuss what the few things that you can do besides hiring an exterminator Norman OK to drive out these flies from your home are.

1.    Maintain cleanliness and keep your food covered

Flies are fond of such places where garbage, crumbs, and foodstuff are lying scattered. Therefore, you must ensure that you maintain the perfect cleanliness of your premises. Your entire foodstuff must be suitably covered.

2.    Use honey as your bait

Flies are very much fond of honey and if you spread honey then it will surely attract lots of flies over there. However, they do not realize that once they come on the honey, they will get stuck to them and cannot fly again.

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3.    Light traps

Usually, flies are easily attracted to light, and hence lights can be used for trapping them effectively. Although this can be a bit expensive way to trap them, it also works.

4.    Ensure your doors and windows remain shut

Prefer to keep your doors and windows closed and keep the room dark. Flies will not be able to enter and also, they do not like dark places and hence try to fly away where they will see more lights.

5.    Hang a water bag outdoors

Although hanging a water bag outdoors may sound like a very bizarre concept, however, it has been seen that it actually works wonderfully to detract flies from your home.

6.    Fly tape

Another tried and tested method of trapping these flies is by using fly tape. Flies can be easily trapped by such tapes and after they are stuck there it becomes very difficult for them to come out and eventually die.

7.    Use a venus fly trap

Venus flytraps can be quite inexpensive, and also fun to watch. They just thrive on eating flies. You will find in many stores that will carry different plants and trees that will carry this common Venus fly trap.

8.    Hanging fly zapper

Normally, fly zappers are not humane, but can work very well to eliminate flies. Although often you may see them outside, however, a few indoor types are also available.

9.    Fly spray

You can find many types of indoor pesticides, specially made for deterring flies. Some of them can also kill these flies too.

10.Try a few home remedies

People adopt various home remedies to eliminate flies and if the infestation is not too high then you can try some of them.

Along with the entire above if you also have complete pest control OK then you can make your home free from flies.