Interior Design Tips for Small Commercial Spaces

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When you have a small commercial space, maximising every inch of the space can be challenging. The good news is, you can make the most out of any small commercial space as long as you are strategic about how you design your space and organise your merchandise.

There are business owners who prefer to invest in small commercial spaces due to the following reasons: (a) they are just starting out, (b) they have better control of movement during operations, and (c) it allows them to handle customers coming in and out better.

The key to making the most out of a small commercial space is through interior design. If you have a limited floor space and you want to maximise it, below are simple, affordable, and creative ways you can try: 

  • Declutter

Any small space can look wider and bigger when it is free of clutter. No wonder commercial interior design in Singapore focuses on clean and orderly styles to allow for more spatial utilisation.

By decluttering, you also get to clearly see how far your floor area can go. In addition, when you get rid of clutter and employ the right strategy, you’ll have a vertical space you can use for extra storage.

Keeping your space clean will also provide you with a fresh canvas that you can decorate accordingly to help brighten up people’s moods especially during business hours. 

The importance of decluttering cannot be overstated. Even if you are working with a contained and limited space, you’d still feel more in control when it is free of unwanted mess. 

  • Invest in effective illumination

Another trick used in commercial interior design in Singapore when maximising small space is illumination. Illumination will not only bring your space to life, it will also allow you to give attention to areas that are often neglected. Illumination also provides other equally important functions such as accentuating areas with specific purposes and setting the mood and ambiance in the room. 

For example, boutiques are usually set in small commercial units but their workspaces are laid out in specific sections such as the display window, receiving area, and workshop (that accommodates at least two seamstresses and their equipment). 

Task lights are deemed ideal in the workshop so it’s easier for seamstresses to do their jobs. Meanwhile, spotlights or track lights in the display windows can help capture the attention of onlookers towards the shop’s featured displays.

  • Add wall mirrors

Wall mirrors are recommended for businesses who are into accommodating guests or patrons. These include cafes and restaurants as well as retail stores. Among many things, wall mirrors create the illusion of wider space. The reflection created by wall mirrors can also make the space appear almost twice as big as its actual size.  

Mirrors can also add a welcoming vibe that can help enhance the customer experience. For instance, those who shop at garment retail stores can use mirrors to gauge if the outfits look good on them. They can also use mirrors to take artistic pictures of themselves. 

  • Choose the right workspace layout

Lastly, when working with a small commercial space, ensure you pick the best workplace layout. The right workspace layout will not only provide ease and comfort as you move around, it will also help you easily organise everything based on the needs of the business (from equipment to décor). 

The right layout will also enable you to make tweaks and upgrades to your space in case you need to keep with emerging trends and styles that will help bring in more customers. The right workspace layout will also give you the luxury to change decors and motifs as you see fit but still retain the spatial quality of your space.