Is vinyl flooring suitable for mosques?


Whether it is home or mosque, there is a need for the best flooring to make the interior attractive and beautiful. As a Muslim, every follower of the Islamic religion has a desire to decorate the mosque in a way, which he can. As you know the wood flooring is expensive and going with wood flooring can be an expensive approach. There is a need for such flooring that is less expensive without compromising on aesthetics and beauty. When it comes to such type of flooring, vinyl flooring is suitable for the mosque. Being the adorable and beautiful floor covering, the vinyl flooring has become a popular option for the mosque. If you are looking to install vinyl flooring in the mosque then it can be the right choice because of the following advantages of vinyl flooring.

Benefits of vinyl flooring

  • Thematic Flooring

Not just homes, these days’ mosques are also designed with a theme. The main purpose of doing this is to attract Muslims to come and pray. The vinyl flooring which is available in different shades, designs and textures can be proved as the best decision to make the mosque’s interior charming and elegant. No matter what is the theme of the mosque, due to the availability of different shades, the vinyl flooring can be matched with any type of theme.

  • Comfortable

Comfortable flooring is the first need of the mosque. In the mosque, people worship Allah on the floor. So if there is a hard floor then the Muslim will feel difficulty as it is difficult to sit on the hard floor. With the installation of vinyl flooring, you can make the floor soft and comfortable to stand and sit. Nowadays the vinyl flooring with padding is available which offers a level of comfort underfoot.


  • Easy to Replace

The vinyl flooring which comes in tile and sheet form is very easy to replace. If you are looking for environmentally friendly flooring then vinyl flooring can be the right choice for you. Even, if the tile vinyl flooring damages, the damaged tiles can be replaced with the new tile.

  • Easy to Purchase

Where the versatile flooring is often expensive, the vinyl flooring is easy to purchase. The per feet installation cost of vinyl flooring is somewhere between $2 to $7. Such cost makes this flooring affordable for people with a tight-budget. Not just this, vinyl flooring is more resistant water, mold and mildew than wood flooring, which makes it a perfect option for the mosque.

  • Fire-Proof Vinyl Flooring

Today vinyl flooring has come with the fireproof property. If you want to increase the safety of the mosque then you should go with the fire proof vinyl flooring. This flooring can save the mosque from an emergency fire happening.

Fortunately, vinyl flooring has all properties and features that must include in the mosque flooring. So vinyl flooring can be a sensible choice for the mosque.