Key Ways On How To Install Your Air Conditioner Yourself

  1. Make an air conditioning location selection. Most modern air conditioners are split systems. The device is thus divided into two parts. One of them is on the street, where there is enough fresh air, and the second is in the apartment. In order to install such an air conditioner, you must select a place in the room and outside. If you place the device outside the home, you will need to choose a closer location. The length of the track should not exceed 4 meters. The maximum size is 5 meters. Otherwise, installing the device costs too much.
  2. When a location is selected, you can start working. Installation starts with the internal unit of the split system. It is set strictly to the level, and this is a reasonable explanation. At the slightest deformation, the device may leak as it is in the capacity of the condensate. Therefore, you only need to use the level when installing the console. Do not navigate through the ceiling.
  3. If the console for the indoor unit is installed, a hole must be made that leads the second part of the split system to the outside. Through this hole, the cable is held, which connects the two parts of the air conditioner. Use a punch (if the hole is in the concrete wall).
  4. The inner and outer blocks are combined with copper pipes. It is better if this work is carried out by a specialist. The installation can handle the owner of the device.
  5. When the system is installed, tubes can be hidden in a box. It is noted that they are often damaged by various birds that depend on the outer coating of the web.
  6. Final work. After installing the system, check the operation of the air conditioner in all modes. You should also test the noise level. Modern systems are virtually noiseless. They are inaudible against the background of street noise.

Note: if unforeseen dysfunction occurs, you must consult a specialist like Heating and Air Conditioning Installations Sevenoaks. Air conditioners from leading companies usually install the installation team. The installation of the device is a very important process. Often the reasons for the failure of the air conditioning are in the wrong installation. Defects that the device has received due to improper installation are not available for warranty service. This should be noted.