Know Your Options While Selecting A Place to Stay in Laval

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So you’re moving again, and this time to your dream city Laval? Well, it’s a brilliant place to stay with your family in southwestern Quebec, but have you decided on the location yet? Besides the amazing cultural heritage and thrilling adventures that Laval offers, you should also have some basic idea about the neighbourhoods to make the best choice regarding your move.

Let’s make it easier for you by providing all the necessary information about family-friendly neighbourhoods in Laval. Keep scrolling!


Located to the east of Laval, it was considered a different city till 1965. It offers an easy lifestyle to the immigrants, as it has more than 50 shops displaying international brands and a plethora of bus stations and subways that make it all the more accessible. Further, numerous special equipment, like wheelchairs, and more are easily available on rent to help you settle down without any hassle. The crime rate is considerably low, making the inhabitants feel safer here.


Mostly preferred by retirees and middle-aged working professionals, this neighbourhood offers a soothing environment to its inhabitants, which is enhanced by the waterside. Besides the English-language schools, you will also find several French-language schools here. Be it education, urban lifestyle or thrill, Fabreville doesn’t leave a stone unturned to please its residents.


Undoubtedly, the busiest neighbourhood of Laval, Chomedey is also the largest one with a multicultural population. Starting from Jews, Christians and Muslims to Syrians, Italians and Egyptians, Chomedey is home to the people from various ethnic origins.

The residents here enjoy an urban lifestyle because of glitzy shopping complexes, fine dining restaurants and even partake in adventure sports like skydiving, surfing and more. Needless to say, it’s called a city within a city by most of its inhabitants. If you’re looking forward to staying here, you can contact a reliable real estate broker for Papachristou immobiliers. Go through your options carefully and ask as many questions as you want to find the best real estate deal in Chomedey. 


Yet another amazing place to stay for families, Vimont is both convenient and easily accessible from Montreal and other parts of Quebec. It also has Laval’s most popular hospital, thus taking the convenience factor a level higher. You can buy a house, live in a condo or get your apartment, according to your needs and preferences. An important recreation hub for the sports enthusiasts is the hockey stadium, Lucerne arena, which is located here. 

Finding a beautiful place to stay in Laval is not difficult, especially if you have a real estate broker to guide you. The only thing you seed to do is choose the area you wish to stay in, sit back and relax. The professionals will take care of all your searching and listing needs. 

Have a great search!