Learn Some Practical and Trendy Retractable Fly Screen Options

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Flyscreens offer enhanced quality indoor protection against mosquitoes and flies. There are several types of flyscreen options that you can consider for doors or windows irrespective of the width and narrowness of the opening. In this article, we will tell you about the different types of trendy retractable flyscreen options in the market.

Types of Flyscreens

A standard flyscreen comes in two types: sliding or fixed.

  • Fixed fly screens are installed on the exterior of a window. It has the disadvantage that it doesn’t permit you to fully open the flyscreen.
  • The sliding form of flyscreens is beneficial for wider doors and windows. They can be opened when no insects are around. This is a good option when you do not require protection from mosquitoes, or flies.
  • Hinged flyscreens are ideal for small-sized windows. It opens like shutters.
  • Roller flyscreens roll up like a blind. It is ideal for several windows.
  • Retractable fly screens are costly, but ideal for wide doors and windows. These come in flat, panelled, and forms.
    • Panelled fly screen close and open like bi-fold doors. They are made up of panels, which look great in specific situations.
    • Pleated flyscreens are ideal for selected windows. They don’t have panels. They are ideal for wide openings.
    • Flat retractable flyscreens are expensive. As they do not have any panels or pleat in them, they work on a roller system. They are relatively more expensive, compared to the flyscreens that can open for up to nine meters.

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Colour of Flyscreen

Flyscreen comes in several standard colours to choose from. The suppliers of retractable flyscreen offer them in custom colours at additional charges. The aluminium-based frame is available in powder-coated colours. You can select from standard colours or woodgrain colours to complement your interior decoration and walls.

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What Materials Are Used to Make a Flyscreen?

  • Polypropylene/Polyester flyscreen is the most affordable option to consider
  • Fiberglass is a good option for those who are on a limited budget
  • Aluminium material-based fly screen would not rust. It provides improved visibility compared to the fiberglass, or polyester/polypropylene-based flyscreen.
  • Stainless steel is ideal for those who do not mind spending money.

How to Choose the Right Retractable Flyscreen?

Selection of the perfect retractable flyscreen requires consideration of price and the width of the opening of door or window that would suit the home. More than the price, you should pay attention to its quality, and functionality.

  • For improved clarity, choose the mesh that provides 20% to 25% greater clarity that would offer a perfect view for doors and windows.
  • House owners, who have a pet, should go for a “paw proof” mesh.
  • If the area where you live is in a bushfire prone region, you should purchase fireproof screens such as stainless-steel mesh, and aluminium mesh.
  • If the area is prone to a cyclone, then go for cyclone flyscreens that offer protection from heavy winds.


Flyscreens are a practical way to keep insects out of the house. Based on your preferences you can choose the right one to get the desired benefits.