Learning Your Sewer Line’s Location

Home Improvement

Every home has a built-in drainage system. All those drains eventually lead to one main sewer line and go straight into the municipal or septic tank system. Learning about where your main sewer line is located can help you whenever issues such as clogs and leaks arise in your home. To find your indoor sewer cleanout point, you will have to do a little bit of searching.

Usually, sewer lines can be found in basements or garages. It is a pipe that is approximately four inches in diameter with a notch or square knob on top of it. If it is not inside your house, then it may be in your yard. You can see them at the foundation of your house or near the street. 

These will be easy to spot, but if you still cannot locate it, you can call the previous homeowner. You can also call city maintenance since they have sewage maps for the whole city. Lastly, you can call a plumbing professional.

Mr. Rooter Plumbing is a company that can help you find your sewer line and, at the same time, offer you any trenchless sewer line repair. They have prepared this infographic to help you learn more about finding your sewer line.