Litter Picks as a Way of Facilitating Rubbish Removal London


For the past several years, litter picks have been conducted as a voluntary activity in London. It’s where everybody both young and old get together for free litter picking. With the increased population of about eight million, litter is the main challenge in London, and this is the primary reason why communal litter picks have continued to be necessary.

However, as many people who engage in litter picks don’t have all that it takes; it’s always good to involve experts such as Clearabee. This is a company that specializes in rubbish removal and disposal in London.

Leading litter picks that have improved rubbish removal London

  1. The capital clean-up

Capital clean-up is a litter pick program that is organized by the mayor’s office to clean the city annually. This program has been running since 2012 when it was formed for the preparation of the Olympics, but it has remained operational every year. The group is supported by corporate sponsors who provide the community with primary education on how to keep the environment clean.

  1. The daily mail excellent plastic clean-up

This is another litter picking program that enhances rubbish removal London. The program was formed and up to date is organized by regular mail. Here the residents are advised to form local groups which they use to collect the litter around the city and other parts of the UK. The main target is plastic, but all type of rubbish is removed to keep the whole UK clean. The activity runs for three days each March until every street is left in a clean condition.

  1. The Boroughs project

Boroughs project is organized and run by Cleanup UK, which is a charity group. This program is different from others as it doesn’t run annually but through the year. It also runs in 10 London Boroughs and not the whole UK. The principal objective of the group is to support and educate people who come together to clean the streets.

Other benefits of litter picks

Apart from facilitating rubbish removal London, litter picks come with other advantages. Following are some advantages of litter picks

Help people to know each other

In a busy city like London, it may become hard for people to know each other. Engaging in a communal activity such as litter picks is a good chance for the people to meet and interact with each other. This way, everyone gets to know their neighbor, which is a good move.

Educate the public

Litter picks educate the public on how to dispose of their rubbish correctly and avoid health hazards that may come from it.

How rubbish removal London can be made more accessible during litter picks

Litter picks will involve ordinary people, and in many cases, they may not know how to handle the rubbish correctly. A professional rubbish removal company can help in the process as they will know how to handle the trash successfully. A professional will have the right knowledge and equipment that are required to remove and dispose of the waste safely.

Clearabee is an expert in rubbish removal and Disposal. Having a clean environment is their priority, and that is why they ensure 90% of their collected rubbish is diverted from landfills. They achieve this by providing most of the collected waste is salvaged and recycled.