Look for Your Choices for The Perfect Pool Building

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The law requires owners of in-ground pools to equip their pools with a safety system to prevent the risk of drowning. There are four types of security systems: alarms, barriers, covers and shelters. Your protection is to be chosen according to your installation and your uses.

The role of the perimeter alarm is to establish a protective perimeter. When someone crosses it, the alarm rings and warns the owner. From the pool builders in corona ca you can find the perfect choices.

The sonar pool alarm detects falls inside the pool: 

It is triggered as soon as a foreign body is spotted outside bathing times. Please note, the sonar is not suitable for freestanding and mirror pools.

The immersion alarm offers a device that is partially, or totally submerged, inside the pool. Thus, the owner is notified as soon as a change is detected by the device on the surface of the water.

The pool cover: its strong point?

His price. Less sophisticated than an alarm, it nevertheless fulfills its protective role by fully covering the pool. The cover also protects the pool from dirt and keeps the water warm in summer. The tarpaulins are available in standard or tailor-made models.

The pool enclosure: 

High or low, it effectively protects the pool, not only for the safety of people, but also to facilitate the maintenance of the pool, since leaves and insects no longer fall into it. Plan a slightly higher budget than for a simple tarp.


To limit the risk of drowning, pool barriers provide reliable security, especially in the presence of young children, outside of supervised swimming times. By closing the swimming pool, they thus delimit the dangerous territory. Two types of barriers exist:

The net barrier: 

It is distinguished by its aesthetics and safety. It is often modular and easily removable, while ensuring sufficient security in the presence of young children.

The gate: it provides an additional degree of security, with the installation of a lock . The gate must be more than one meter high and open to the outside.

Options and accessories for your pool

Pool accessories must be taken into account from the start of the project. They can facilitate the maintenance of your pool and improve the comfort of use. Cleaning large pools is sometimes long and tedious, robots can make your job easier. There are hydraulic and electric ones that clean the basin from the ground to the walls without effort. An automatic overflow cleaning system can also be fitted. Even more effective, and necessarily more expensive, it must be installed during the construction of your pool.

In addition, automatic devices, which can be managed remotely, make it possible to test the quality and temperature of the water as well as to automatically introduce the products necessary for clean, disinfected water.

Pool lighting

It has also become an essential post. The light not only makes it possible to magnify the pool when the evening comes and thus create a real atmosphere in your garden, but also to make it less dangerous. We can indeed insert spots at the level of the steps so as to facilitate access to the pool or on its perimeter in order to better delimit its contours. Thanks to the dimmers, the pool becomes attractive both day and night.