Looking for the best Locksmith: Not a Myth



Opening the design by affecting the lock is the most popular method among burglary assets. It costs nothing to remove or drill a cylinder lock cylinder. In such cases, it is advisable to install additional locks that reduce the chances of hacking. Armor plates are also used to protect the cylinder mechanisms.

Unlocking the level lock

Hacking doors equipped with level locks, basically occurs by drilling a “stem”, which contributes to a simple hacking mechanism.

  • In order to protect the mechanism from the drilling operation, a lock itself is created for the auxiliary chamber.
  • The price or the cost of unlocking the door is 1500 dollars. The cost of opening at night increases by 500 dollars. The cost of an emergency autopsy of locks on the doors is really inexpensive, considering that there is no damage when opening the door, it is enough to replace the lock larva or cylinder.

The master’s job is to unlock the metal or wooden door lock

Warranty (guarantee of door leaf integrity after opening)

  • We know how to unlock.
  • Unlocking is done with professional tools.

Dear customers, pay attention to the price list, there is no price for unlocking, all prices are fixed and depend on the complexity and confidentiality of the lock and the availability of additional security mechanisms (armor plate, manganese plate). From the locksmith alabaster you can find the best bit now.

You pay for the end result, not the time it took to unlock it! We work without intermediaries, we do not pay back, so the price of 1500 dollars is real and does not change at the end of the job.

The company does not deceive customers at unrealistic prices, we do not help people with money, do not invent and do not increase prices on the spot! Master professionals will unlock the locks in a very short time. This kind of work takes the masters up to 15 minutes, and most importantly – without damaging the door.

If the metal door with the keys inside is closed or the keys are stolen and possibly lost, and the apartment cannot be accessed, do not try to unlock it yourself! This can lead not only to damage and replacement, but also to a door! Such situations require professional doorway services.

It helps to open or lock the door seven days a week and on weekends. The starting cost of the master and the customer’s address is 500 dollars. and pay extra. We cannot include the master’s departure in the total cost of unlocking, as many customers, if they lose their keys, will order to unlock all the locks installed at the door at the same time.

Last Words

Applications are urgently approved by our sender, either directly on the day of the call or on a date convenient to the customer, while the price for unlocking will not change. To solve this problem, it is necessary to call the master of the company “Castles-CAO” and, of course, to follow his work.