Marble Bathtubs in the Best Ways for You


The marble bathroom, like any other item made of this noble material, is primarily associated with us from the time of antiquity. Marble sculptures by masters of Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome to this day remain a model of harmony and beauty in art.

The antique style has not gone out of fashion for many centuries: these are dresses in the Empire style, and facades of buildings decorated with columns, and, of course, interior items made of marble. But for modern housing, if it is not a three-story country house, does not have enough free space for placing marble statues and pedestals. But the place for a Marble Bathtub can be found almost always, since the choice of shapes and sizes allows. In such a bathroom, lovers of antiquity will be able to feel like real Greek gods, descended from Olympus.

How are marble baths made?

If you decide to decorate your bathroom with a marble bath, then you have two options, a bathtub made of natural stone and artificial.

Natural marble is quite soft and pliable material, which allows you to give it almost any shape (not without reason it is the favorite material of sculptors). Natural Marble Tub are made by cutting a font from a solid block of stone. This is done, though not by hand, but with the help of special computerized equipment.

Advantages and disadvantages of marble bathtubs

The main advantage of marble bathrooms is their unusual and stunningly beautiful appearance. Like any expensive, luxurious thing, a marble bath, first of all, serves as an indicator of the status of its owner, demonstrates its artistic taste and financial position.

  • Besides the fact that it is a magnificent decoration of the bathroom, around which the entire interior is built, the marble bathroom has excellent “technical characteristics”.
  • Soundproofing is one of the most important advantages of such a bath. The soundproofing materials from which it is made perfectly drowns out the sound of pouring water and therefore does not require additional sound insulation.
  • Another positive quality of marble bathtubs is their resistance to high and low temperatures. It does not heat up, does not cool, and, not unimportantly, does not contribute to excessively fast cooling of water.
  • Bathrooms made of natural stone are resistant to bacteria and contribute to maintaining hygiene in the bathroom.

The disadvantage of bathtubs made of natural stone is only two, but very significant. The first is the high cost, not everyone can afford such a bath.

The second disadvantage is the fact that marble baths need constant care. During operation on such a bath many chips and cracks form, therefore, from time to time, it is necessary to carry out its restoration.

Last Words

Bathtubs made of light marble turn yellow over time. In addition, marble well absorbs various coloring substances, due to which stains from household chemicals and perfumes are inevitably formed on the surface of the bathtub.