Mistakes That May Increase Your Cost Of Commercial Flat Roof


Installation of your commercial roofing systems is considered a great investment however, it involves lots of skill and expertise. There are a few mistakes that often people may end up making while engaging in this project.

It is, therefore, necessary to engage a certain professional and experienced Minneapolis commercial roofing company e.g. A to Z Construction, so that you may avoid various problems that are generally caused by mistakes during commercial roofing installation.

Let us try to know all these mistakes that you must always avoid while installing a commercial flat roof.

  • Improper nailing of your roof

Nailing mistakes can always increase moisture infiltration and water can enter through the various gaps easily and damage your roof at any time.

  • Starter shingle problems

Improper installation while installing shingles will also cause rainwater to get seeped into the foundation of the roof and pave way for leaks.

  • Lack of maintenance

Not having regular inspection followed by maintenance will keep you clueless about the possible condition of your roof and surprise will be inevitable.

  • Not looking at its lifetime cost

By taking a poor financial decision you may save few dollars today but you are creating a hole in your pocket by taking up major repairs every now and then.

  • Not considering your projected energy savings

You will know by asking your accounts chief to calculate and see the dollar that you can save in the period of 20 to 30 years with 15% lower cost of energy.

  • Not checking at any probability of leakage

The most common problem faced in any kind of roofing is due to certain leaking. Hence all possibilities of leaking must be checked during installation.

  • Only go for a certain familiar roofing system

Do a little research about various new developments taking place in the field of roofing instead of relying on the same old roofing system.

  • Not bothering about the environment

It is extremely important to consider the region where you are living and the prevailing climates while deciding the type of roofing material that you prefer to choose.

  • Going for any cheapest contractor

We have talked about this thing many often that if you throw a peanut then you will only get a monkey all around. A professional roofing contractor may be expensive today, but he can save your money in many different ways in the longer run.

Never ever go after the cheapest contractor if you want to have peace of your mind.

  • Not  keeping any internal maintenance team

You must consider having an internal maintenance team within the organization so that they can regularly inspect the roof and take suitable measures as and when necessary. For any major problem, you must call any professional and if your maintenance team is also associated with them, then you can have an in-house professional in the making.

It is very essential to maintain your commercial roofs in well-kept condition to protect the property and your business. Involve any professional commercial roofers for regular inspection of your roof to save from any costly repairs or compromise on safety.