Moving During COVID-19


Сoronavirus, or COVID-19, suspended all the processes starting from small business and finishing with big companies. And while there is a societal distancing that can prevent the virus spreading, moves can wait  no longer. And there is a question –  is it possible to order moving services?

In this article we will highlight the most important questions about moving situation and try to give a full response.

What The COVID-19 Is?

The World Health Organization says: “COVID-19 is a new virus and disorder that was not known until the epidemic commenced in Wuhan, China”.

COVID-19 isn’t the first coronavirus, but alternatively a brand fresh breed in an existent set of coronaviruses which may affect both humans and animals. It’s exceedingly infectious and spreads from one person to another through the respiratory system and eyes, and that’s the reason why the quarantine is really important. For now, there are 24.201.567 total cases all over the world and 826.368 total deaths.

What Exactly Is Social Distancing?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicated essential social distancing steps You must:

  • keep at a six feet distance from other individuals, accept those who you live with;
  • not to gather in big groups;
  • avoid celebrations and busy regions.

Reducing contact with other people reduces the likelihood of contracting COVID-19. These actions are especially essential because many carriers of COVID-19 have a virus without any knowledge they consumed it (asymptomatic).

Is Relocating Crucial?

There are times when it is impossible to reschedule the moving date. If your lease expires or you urgently need to move to a new premise, you will want to be sure that you can get services in such an emergency. Despite the fact that many non-state enterprises are closed during quarantine, transportation services still play an important role during the pandemic. However, you should check if this is the case in your area, as the situation differs from country to country.

Note that the closure of secondary businesses does vary from state to state, sometimes even from county or city. It is possible that the order is not the same in your area, so it is important to do your own research. However, in states where restraining orders are in place, moving companies are still considered necessary and continue to operate.

Are Transferring Services and Providers Still Offered?

We have not noticed any service stops for major transport companies. That being said, the decision to close can be left to the discretion of individual franchise owners. If you have already planned the move and have not heard anything, let’s say your shipping company is still providing services unless otherwise stated, but call anyway to confirm.

If you are afraid of moving during a pandemic due to an unplanned move, it is difficult to say what will and will not happen in the near future. Until then, keep reading about companies and ask professional movers directly what steps you should take.

Can I Rent A Moving Truck?

Truck rental companies continue their work, as they are a necessary service during the epidemic. However, the situation may be different in different cities and countries. It is always best to check beforehand if truck rental companies operate in your area and only then plan the move.

Is It Wise To Move During The Pandemic?

There are situations when moving is inevitable and everything needs to be done very quickly. In this case, think of observing safety measures during a pandemic. If you have the opportunity to postpone the move until quieter and safer times, do so immediately. Moreover, you can always contact the moving company, where experienced specialists will help you to organize your move and advise on how to proceed during quarantine.

Remember that health and safety comes first. If you know for sure that you are in a group of increased risk of infection, it is better to postpone your move and protect yourself. We remind you that people with chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, as well as people over sixty are at risk.