Nan Inc. – The Story of its Success

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Hawaii’s construction industry is a diverse and extensive one and Nan Inc. is one of the companies that will pop up in the top. Having its offices in Honolulu, Hawaii, Nan Inc. enjoys a strong reputation in the state’s construction industry, even though it is relatively young in the industry. It has been around for thirty years and due to its exceptional work, it has become the recipient of a wide array of awards and accolades for the projects it has delivered successfully in Hawaii and other areas as well. As a matter of fact, the company has played a notable role in contributing to the future of the state.

Of course, everyone is intrigued by Nan Inc.’s success because it has managed to achieve a lot in just three decades, even though it can take twice that for most construction companies. To figure out the answer, you need to learn more about Nan Inc. Construction owner because he is the one who singlehandedly formed the company and helped it grow and expand to what it is today. He was named Nan Chul Shin in South Korea, but when he moved to the United States, he decided to change his name to Patrick Shin for fitting into the new culture.

This is the name that is well-known in Hawaii because Patrick Shin has been very active in the community. He founded the company in 1990 after working in a construction company for two years. He had already gotten his majors in business administration from Bowling Green State University, which he attended on a football scholarship. His family hadn’t been financially strong and he had lived in a one-bedroom apartment with them. Today, his company deals with multimillion dollar projects and he also has an impressive net worth.

It is only because he was dedicated to transforming Nan Inc. into a successful and full-fledged construction firm in Hawaii that could make a difference. He started out with just one employee, but there are almost 600 people that make up Nan Inc.’s team today. Patrick Shin ensured that his company didn’t make any comprises where quality and professionalism were concerned and this helped them in enhancing their reputation. The company deals in residential as well as commercial construction and is known to complete projects within timelines and budget. They also ensure 100% customer satisfaction, which is another reason that has contributed to their success.