Nelson Partners Gives a General Overview on Purpose-Built Student Housing Assets

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For several decades, United States have been one of the most highly regarded education centers in the world and are home to many renowned colleges and universities. As many students not just from the US, but also other parts of the world, opt to pursue higher studies in these institutions, the demand for student housing property in the country is always high. Such properties additionally are considered to be a highly lucrative investment opportunity and have a proven track record of resilience and strength even in times of wider economic uncertainty. Most people prefer investing in properties developed and managed by renowned names like Nelson Partners.  This company specializes in developing, acquiring, and managing quality purpose-built student housing assets.

Traditionally, student property investments are majorly referred to Student Houses of Multiple Occupancy (Student HMO). But the situation has changed considerably over the years.  Purpose-Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) as in fact managed to transform student property as one of the fastest-growing property sectors of multiple developed nations like the UK and the US with investment coming in from all over the world, while generating high and consistent rental yields for investors.

Purpose-built student housing assets are basically designed, developed and managed with the aim of delivering a high-quality living experience to the students. It has managed to establish itself as a robust property sector owing to high demand from both domestic and international students.  They ideally offer a wide range of amenities, including communal study spaces, strong Wi-Fi, gymnasium, event hubs, building management and security and so on. As these properties are specifically developed for modern students, they do end up ticking all the boxes when it comes to the features students are looking for in their college residence.The advantageous features of the purpose-built student housing assets developed by Nelson Partners particularly encourage high retention for the duration of their study period, thereby allowing investors to take a hassle-free approach.

As Purpose-built student housing assets is designed to meet the demands of today’s student rental market, it ideally features quite a contemporary layout, design and range of amenities that the students would even be ready to pay a premium sum for.  As multi-storied PBSA requires lesser ground space, they usually are developed in prime city center neighborhoods that are close to the university campus. This contributes to the increase in the chances of capital growth and high yields.  In many instances, credible developers even provide a certain rental guarantee period for new purpose-built student housing assets. This ends up reducing the risk of investment, while the development manages to establish its reputation in the local market majority of the PBSA tends to have a proper system in place for building management, maintenance and security. This provides the investors with quite a hands-off and hassle-free experience. In case a person plans to invest in an off-plan student property, they can also benefit from possibly capital appreciation over the build period, as well as from below-market rates.