No Place Better Than Your Home Balcony!


Designing the balcony of your apartment can be done in a number of innovative ways. It doesn’t always have to mean putting a table along with a few chairs and leaving a few potted plants for that aesthetic look. If one puts a little forethought and planning into it, then this can turn out to be one of the best places to spend some quality time with your near and dear ones. All you need is a little bit of creativity, and you can easily create an outdoor oasis which will not only be a treat to your eyes but will also feel equally functional. Abalcony designcan be planned in an exorbitant number of ways- it’s not just about chairs and tables.

Design Your Balcony According To Your Own Taste

Designing the balcony of your apartment is something which is thoroughly dependent on the personal taste of an indication. However, if you follow a few things, it is sure to elevate your decor to the next level. There are certain things which you need to keep in mind to get the idealbalcony design, like:

  1. The Proportion: It is important to keep the proportion in mind. This helps to determine the correct size of the furniture appropriately so that it doesn’t look odd with your small-sized balcony. If you are running short on space, make sure you incorporate the use of furniture which is thinner.
  2. Layering: Layering is an essential factor without which the decoration of your balcony will remain incomplete. This can be done by harnessing the use of various textiles. You can also add an outdoor carpet or rug, throw some pillows, and so on.
  3. Lighting Is Important: Lighting is essential elements which can make the space feel very homely. However, you may not like to have the same lighting forever. In this case, you can install string lights and standing outdoor lights which can easily be changed.

Turn Your Balcony Into Your Favourite Cosy Place

It is your balcony, and you totally own it! You can plan your best Indian balcony designs any way you want. Most of the people who live in city apartments, the dream of outdoor space of their own where they can relax and unwind. No matter how small your balcony is, you can experiment a great deal with it. Given below are some cool ideas with the help of which you can easily transform your outdoor space.

  1. Keep A Small Table: Enjoy your morning coffee sitting on your balcony. Turn your balcony into your favourite café. However, it is advisable to choose a chair which will fold up easily so that it can be folded and stored as and when necessary.
  2. Built-In Seating: Built-in seating will help you to maximize the space in your balcony. Once you install built-in seating in your balcony, you will not have to worry about your tables and chairs being knocked down by the wind every time the weather worsens.
  3. AddSplashes Of Greenery: Decorate your balcony with lush green plants. This will impart the feel of a backyard which you have always wanted to own. You can also plant a few herbs to make sure that your balcony smells good.
  4. Floor Pillows For That Cozy Look: You can impart that cosy look to your balcony simply by throwing some floor pillows. Make sure that you choose colourful floor pillows so that they do the decorative task as well.
  5. An Outdoor Rug To Add Pattern To The Balcony: You can also choose to ramp up the appearance of your apartment balcony with the help of a runner or a rug which has patterns in it. However, you have to choose the rug very carefully.
  6. Don’t Forget The Walls: You can experiment a great deal with the walls of your balcony! For instance, you can hang art, which are weather-resistant, or you can hang a few planters. This will impart an aesthetic appearance to thebalcony design.
  7. Lights Will Guide You Home: What is a late-night hangout without some fairy lights? Light your balcony up with outdoor lanterns, string lights and many more!
  8. Hang A Hammock Or A Chair: You can design the balcony of your house in a manner such that it makes you feel away from the monotony of your city, as though you are on a vacation. If you want to create a laid-back vibe, you can choose to install a hammock or hanging chair.
  9. Folding Furniture Can Save The Day: As has already been discussed earlier, if your balcony is not very spacious, then you can choose to install furniture which can easily be folded away or tucked in when you are not using them. This will help you to declutter the space on the floor.
  10. A Separate Spot For Cocktails: Wait, you need to do something about your Friday nights as well, right? Design a cocktail spot where you can sit back and enjoy your drinks!

Hope this gives you an overall idea about how you can go ahead with yourbalcony design. You can either do it on your own or get in touch with a professional who will get your work done in absolutely no time. It is now easy to make your dream come true!