Original Ideas To Paint The Headboard Wall

Home Improvement

Giving a different air to the headboard wall is a very easy decorative technique to achieve. It does not need extra elements, so it goes great in the minimalist trend.

Painting the headboard wall in two colors or including the appropriate drawings also personalizes the room and adds a more intimate touch to the double room. Let’s see some original ideas to paint the headboard wall.

  1. Paint The Entire Wall A Different Color

This is the simplest technique of all. It consists of painting the headboard wall differently from the one we use on the other three walls. The ideal is to choose a color that predominates or complements the one found to a greater extent within the room.

Knowing the psychology of color will also help us to better choose the colors for the walls, both for the headboard and the other three.

  1. Decorative Painting Techniques On The Headboard Wall

Decorative painting techniques are those that create drawings on the walls. Ideally, they are simple drawings, such as lines of different colors, wavy lines, or borders.

In the bedroom, rounded finishes are recommended, as it is a place that invites disconnection and intimacy if we talk about the double room.

  1. Paint Only Half A Wall

Here, we will paint the wall only at half-height, dividing the wall in two. Decorative Oahu pro painters use this technique, but instead of leaving a straight division, they create a wavy line to divide both colors, or they do it irregularly.

  1. Paint Only The Width Of The Bed

While in the rest of the techniques, we paint the entire headboard wall, here, we will only paint part of it, specifically the one that occupies our bed’s width. This decorative painting technique works especially well in small rooms.

We can follow the same technique as with the previous effect and take a few centimeters of the ceiling, thus, achieving the box effect.

  1. Exceed The Limits Of The Headboard Wall

This technique consists of painting the headboard wall in a different tone from the other three and also taking a piece of the ceiling and the other walls, thus, creating a box effect on our bed.

Going beyond the limits of the headboard wall, we will achieve a very cozy effect that will invite us to lie down and enjoy the dream.

  1. Create The Headboard With Paint

This is an ideal technique for when we do not directly have a headboard in our room. This can be done simply by drawing just a square with color, or you can give it imagination by adding different drawings or patterns. A headboard simulating bamboo lines, for example, is a very original idea.