Perfect Vacuuming of the carpet Cleaning

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A steel vacuum cleaner or cordless vacuum cleaner is becoming increasingly popular. It is logical, because they have many advantages. They are light and maneuverable (ideal for stairs), take up little space to store them, you do not need vacuum cleaner bags and many appliances have an integrated petty thief 2 in 1 so.

And the disadvantages?

Cordless vacuum cleaners work on a battery that you have to charge for a few hours. They are therefore less suitable for vacuuming large spaces.

Do you opt for a cordless vacuum cleaner? Then it will probably be a Rowenta handle vacuum cleaner, AEG handle vacuum cleaner, Philips handle vacuum cleaner or a handle cleaner from Bosch. You can find them all on these pages. With the use of the Bissell Big Green Professional Carpet Cleaner Machine, 86t3 the deals are perfect now.

Types of handle vacuum cleaners

Cordless handle cleaner

This type of cordless vacuum cleaner has a wide nozzle and a dust container at the bottom of the device. They are very agile and you can easily put them upright thanks to the parking position.

2 in 1 handle cleaner

The maneuverable 2 in 1 cordless vacuum cleaner contains an integrated petty thief that you can easily click loose. With this you quickly suck up small crumbs that you cannot reach as well via the wide nozzle. The dust container is at the bottom.

2 in 1 handle vacuum cleaners with tube

With these models the motor and the dust container are close to the handle. The center of gravity is therefore closer to your hand, making it easier to vacuum above your head (eg for cobwebs on the ceiling). By removing the tube between the reservoir and the mouthpiece, you can turn your vacuum cleaner into a handy petty thief.

Handle vacuum cleaner with cord

Less common, but they do exist: the steel vacuum cleaners with cord. These vacuum cleaners do not have an integrated petty thief, but are just as maneuverable as the cordless variants. You only have to take into account the cord and the range of your vacuum cleaner.

Tips for choosing the perfect handle cleaner


  • In the meantime, do you know what type of cordless vacuum cleaner you need? Refine the selection by filtering further on the following:
  • Autonomy or duration of use: varies from 20 minutes to an hour and a half with the more expensive models.
  • Charging time of the battery: the more expensive the vacuum cleaner, the faster it will charge.
  • Battery type: a Li-Ion battery works until the battery is completely ‘exhausted’, while the suction power of a NiMH battery gradually decreases during vacuuming.

Noise level: average 71 dB; they are slightly quieter than the traditional vacuum cleaner.

Floor type: cordless vacuum cleaners have a higher suction power on hard floors. A lot of carpet in the house? Then choose a device with turbo mode and high autonomy or a classic vacuum cleaner with bag.

Weight: a handle cleaner should be comfortable and comfortable to hold and it should certainly not be too heavy. You can test different models in our stores, which you cannot do online.

Tank size: emptying the tank is a tedious task; so you better choose a vacuum cleaner with a large capacity.

Extra accessories: a turbo brush for easy pet hair vacuuming or a slit nozzle for the corners and edges.