Points to consider before buying a real estate property

Real Estate

It is common that when you are looking for a house or apartment you get carried away by emotion and forget to review certain important aspects that will impact your life or your capital if you do not pay due attention. When choosing a property, aspects should be taken into account from the physical state of the property, to the legal and financial aspects that will allow you to know if the house or apartment of your dreams meets your housing needs and budget.

Identify your needs

When starting the property search, select the one that suits your needs, that has the size and number of rooms sufficient and is close to your place of work or the environment in which you want to be.

Check the physical structure

If you have already decided which property you like, ask an architect to help you verify that the house is fit for habitation and that it has no hidden damage. Nowadays acquiring new properties is a better option and there is a great offer on the market.

The location

The property must have good and sufficient means of communication, education, health, commerce, security, transportation, recreation and supply services. If the property you are going to buy has all these services, it will have a greater capital gain.

Check the seriousness 

Verify the real estate company. You make sure that it is a serious company with experience and that it has successfully completed other projects. Research their background well.

Ask about debts

The seller must have the property tax bill and services such as electricity, water and gas up to date. The omission in any of the payments will cause the new owner to acquire all these debts and must pay them. You can easily apply for a payday loan from red payday loans if you require a short-term loan for emergencies.

Choose a mortgage loan

Compare at least three mortgages with different financial institutions, take into account the CAT, the interest rate, the term, the commissions, the coverage and cost of life and damage insurance and the payment per thousand.

Get informed

There are innumerable sites on the internet in which new and used houses and apartments are sold, and in which you can segment your search according to the price and area you want. Compare more than one to find out which one suits you. The average time of the purchase and sale process can be from 20 days up to 2 months. Follow up and be patient.