Problems occurring with parquet flooring?


One of our exchange clients recently asked our crew for advice regarding 2,152 rectangular feet of excessive exceptional engineered parquet flooring he had these days installed right into a Parquet flooring in Dubai. The floor started to show symptoms of misery after the primary season, and it became exposed to heating, and some parquet panels had begun bowing at the corners.

The installed parquet floor became a multilayer parquet with a 1/4 inch (6.5mm) thick top layer of smooth white oak with diagonal grain direction to the panel edges. All panels had an 8mm deep four aspect groove and had been set up using the tongue and groove method.

Diagnosing the Parquet flooring hassle

For the duration of the inspection in the beginning of 2022, one among our crew individuals located that the curved corners were only on the balanced grained top layers and handiest corners on the diagonal perpendicular (to the grain) had been affected. The panel middle had cut up on the groove base.

There has been no failure or breakdown of the heating gadget in residence, and therefore immoderate cold, moisture, and over-drying at rugged ranges have been not likely reasons. The top layer did not have an overly high moisture stage.

The layout of the parquet floor did not appear out of the regular. The most specific unusual feature turned into the grain course of the pinnacle layer, diagonal between the corners and perpendicular to the grain.

Several tests have been achieved and indicated the following:

  • Panels with the grain parallel to the panel edges confirmed little or no splitting.
  • Panels with a diagonal grain (to the panel edges) confirmed extended sensitivity to drying.

The ¼ inch (6.5mm) deep profile and square groove of the panels had expanded the sensitivity of the ground to dry environmental conditions.

Consequently the diagonal grain course had concentrated the maximum of the shrinkage pressure at the top edge of the perspective within the groove’s base.

Diagnosing the Parquet floors hassle

A way to restore the Parquet flooring hassle?

Drill small holes, and flooring the panels can be glued down the usage of epoxy resin though this could depart some minor imperfections or motive blemishes within the basic look of the floor. Another remedy is to put off the complete ground and deploy today’s panels with grooves that are as shallow as feasible.

In destiny, when making plans for a brand new parquet floor in Dubai, mainly an unusual design, it’s important to don’t forget all components that could highlight vulnerabilities in the panels. Environmental factors including vicinity, excessive and persistent heat or bloodless and immoderate moisture or dryness are all problems that could cause pressure on the ground.


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