Pros and cons of carpet tiles


Carpet squares which are widely used in commercial settings are now becoming a popular flooring choice for the residential areas. They are cut in the square shapes that give the appearance like tiles. Carpet tiles can be used as an alternative for the heavy and big wall-to-wall carpets. They give a fine finish to any room and come in different designs, textures, sizes and styles. The thickness of these tiles will depend on the area where you want to install them. Carpet tiles can be used in any kind of room to give some colorful or classy look. They can be installed in the kitchen and washroom as well and any other place where there is moisture and use of water because the back of the tile contains water-repellent material.

Carpet tiles are the more modern side of the carpet world. The market share of carpet tiles has grown significantly in recent times. By considering both pros and cons of carpet tiles you can decide whether it will be best for you or not.


Easy Installation

Yes, the installation process of carpet tiles is very easy and it does not require too much time and effort. It is a fun project, to whom you can do it yourself in your spare time without any difficulty. It allows you to save on the costs of hiring a professional. If you do not know how to install then you can get help from the various videos available on the internet. If you still do not know how to do it, then you can get the services of workers.

Colorful Area

Want to create some colorful area? or Want to decorate the playroom? Going with carpet tiles will be the best way to express your creativity. They are enriched with a wide range of colors and styles, which allow you to give a splash of color to the room. You can play with different dark and bright colors, to make the room eye-catching and unique.

Longevity and Less Maintenance

Carpet tiles can be installed in high-traffic areas because they are tough and stand against daily wear and tears. They can be cleaned without any hassle and come with a long life that makes them a good option for the busy area. Not all types of carpets offer such performance. Some carpets have cushion backing which protects them from any wear and tear. These tiles trap less dirt and the use of vacuum is enough to maintain their beautiful appearance.


The excellent benefit of carpet tiles is that they are replaceable. In case of a big scratch or any damage, where carpets have to fully replace, damaged tile can be replaced with the new tile. The cost of the tiles is reasonable and it will work wonderfully for many years.

Versatile and Affordable

Carpet tiles can be quickly installed in big areas as well. These tiles are small in size and light in weight, which provides ease in the installation process and this is what makes them a versatile product. Carpet tiles are cheap and they can be easily fit in any space with less waste. These are good choices for the room with a complex layout.


Carpet tiles can become an expensive option

The carpet tiles can only become a cost-effective option if you will do the installation process with your hands. If you hire experts then carpet tiles can become an expensive approach for those people who want to decorate the floor in less budget.

Less Comfortable

The carpet tiles are usually less comfortable and they do not provide the soft feeling to the foot, unlike other luxury carpets that are made up of natural materials. For getting soft carpet tiles, you have to buy carpet tiles supported from cushion backing.

Can be difficult to maintain

As time goes on, the tape or glue holding the carpet tiles weakens, causing loose edges. Due to which the vacuuming process becomes difficult as these edges do not be caught easily in the vacuum cleaner brush. They are many suppliers and brands, but for getting durable carpet tiles you have you have to consider those that offer warranty.