Questions To Ask Wallpaper Installation Services In Singapore

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Because wallpaper installation in Singapore is such a complex project to attempt on your own, it’s best to engage a contractor for the task — but not just any contractor.

Like being meticulous in finding wallpaper suppliers in Singapore – when hiring a professional service to paper your walls, here are questions to ask to ensure a seamless procedure.

  1. How much wallpaper installation experience do you have?

Wallpaper hanging is one of those talents that takes a lot of time to master, so find out how long the craftsman has been doing it expertly and how many wallpaper contracts they have completed.

  1. Are you familiar with the kind of wallpaper I intend to use?

While everything is referred to as “wallpaper,” it is nearly never plain wall stickers in Singapore. When you invest the extra money on these high-end wallpapers, you want to make sure the wallpaper installation service isn’t dealing with them for the first time. Ensure that your contractor is knowledgeable about the material you select or plan to choose.

  1. Can I request a bespoke wallpaper design?

Let the contractor know from the start if you have a special requirement in mind, such as concealing all outlet covers and switch panels, or want to personalise a wallpaper. You’ll want to ensure that it’s done with the same level of precision as the walls and that it matches the patterns.

If you ask these questions upfront, you can make informed hiring decisions and avoid disappointment later.

  1. Is the result guaranteed to satisfy the client?

A professionally laid wallpaper should be smooth, with perfectly aligned seams that are impossible to notice. If any of these items aren’t finished to your satisfaction, you’ll want to know if the contractor will come back — at no cost — and complete the project to professional standards.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind that the most competent and certified wallpaper specialist isn’t necessarily the cheapest option. A superb installation of wallpaper for your home in Singapore, on the other hand, will bring vibrancy, style, and value that will last for years.

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