Real Estate Investment You Would Want to Have Now

Real Estate


Every investment needs a list of details. When buying a car, you must take into account engine, fuel consumption, among other details. When choosing a university course, you should observe how the labor market is doing, for example. And if, at that moment, you were going to buy property, what would you really tell? The factors are many, but we highlight four of the main ones.

Location is more than important

You need to buy prime location property. Do not understand as “privileged location” that property that is in the best neighborhoods in the city. These are also good, but the privilege should be for you! See what your daily and personal needs are, finally see what the new neighborhood offers about it.

Is it possible, for example, to buy your bread every morning without having to take the car out of the garage? Is there a pharmacy near you? How many minutes does it take you to get to your work? What about the children’s school? Is it a street with good access by subway and bus? Is it a safe neighborhood? These are all issues that must be taken into account and the location speaks volumes about each one. Now with FifthandHazel you will have a perfect chance to get the best of real estate purchases.

Buying new or used property?

Then we come back with another question: what is your investment to buy property? The amount you have to secure your own home will tell you whether to invest in a new property – preferably in the plant or recently launched or used.

We will always recommend buying new property for a multitude of reasons, mainly because it is guaranteed that it does not come with problems left by old residents. On the other hand, if this property is completely out of your budget, financing one already used, but in good condition is also a good offer.

Size is document yes

So you are a single person, without children and without a serious relationship. He wants to buy property to have his space and that loft completely enchants. A short time later a partner appears and when you least expect it they are living together. In a year comes the first child and a big problem: the lack of space.

Observing the size of the new home is important. You do not need to have a big apartment, but you can invest in a two bedroom, even if it is to accommodate visits from time to time.

Will you finance? Eye on parcels

Financing is always the best option for those who want to buy property and does not have the full amount for the cash settlement. Observe, in these cases, the value of the installment until the end of the payment. Most real estate developers apply, fairly and correctly, interest that increases as the years go by.

So that you do not get out of control and end up delaying or even, in more serious cases, losing the property, the ideal is to commit a maximum of 20% of the monthly budget for this payment. Make the calculation carefully before closing the deal. After all these tips and observing each of these details, buying property will be much easier. Now just look for a safe and competent developer to guide you in the best possible way.