Reasons you should go for blinds rather than curtains for your office


Curtains are part of our lifestyle. No matter we are in the office, or at home, our interior decorations are never complete without curtains and different window treatments. Curtains not only make the look of place perfect, but it also provides beauty to eyes and several benefits. Curtains were our part of the tradition, and they are part of our modern lifestyle too. Versatility and beauty never get them to turn old and boring – patterns, styles and colors fit with every lifestyle.

Curtains were once the most popular and only choice for windows. But now not any more, blinds are giving them tough competition for being the only choice as window treatments. Blinds are as useful and elegant as curtains are and there are many reasons they are leaving curtains far behind them in a race of window interior choice.

Every room has different needs, so you install decorations according to that specific need. How is it possible that curtains can fulfill all types of needs and taste of styles? Before, when there was no other option, you may go with a more elegant choice in curtains. But now if you want something more contemporary and stylish you will always find blind an excellent choice and alternative for window treatments.

There are many reasons you should go for blinds rather than curtains for your office. And some of those reasons are:

Filter the light:

One thing a curtain can’t provide but blinds can is an option to filter the light to enter the room. Curtains can block the light entirely and if you want the light to enter then whole rooms brighten up. In homes, it seems beautiful because you may not want a light for some particular place. But in offices early morning and late afternoon you might want to enjoy nature out along working. This is possible with blinds only. You can set slats that will filter light to enter the room. This way, you can work on your computer without being distracted by light and enjoy nature too.

Privacy when you want it:

Blinds and curtains provide you privacy, and that’s quite a benefit of them. With the help of blinds, you can have privacy when you desire, just set the slats up when you want a good look at the office and when you need alone time working set slats down.

Easy cleaning and low maintenance:

Curtains need maintenance and cleanliness more than blinds, and it is hard to remove stains from them. On the other hand, blinds are resistant to stains and easy to clean, no need for fussy maintenance and long cleaning hours.

Blinds are professional:

Blinds are available in different types and kinds. All of them are quite handy and useful. Blinds are a popular choice for home users as well as commercial buyers. But it is not wrong to say that it is the number one commercial choice for window treatments. Blinds and many of their kinds give a professional look or in other words, a decent formal look. Before a few years it was said – curtains are for home and blinds are for the office. Of course, the thought changed, blinds evolved, and they are famous in homes too. But somewhere deep inside blinds always look better than curtains.

Contemporary Choice:

Blinds are a trendy and contemporary choice of users. Majority of people prefer to décor their offices in contemporary styles than traditional setups, as it is a more helpful and useful way of working. So Blinds blend well into the decoration and style of the office. They look part of office furniture and completely suit the style. While curtains, on the other hand, feel outdated no matter how beautiful they are!!

Energy Saver:

Many types of blinds are potential energy savers, and they might save a lot of your air-conditioners bill by keeping a room cool in hot weather.

Types for all needs:

Blinds are no more available in just one type. You may find numerous types and styles available in the market, which makes them a perfect solution for every type of window treatment requirement in office.

  • Last but not least, blinds are a smart choice for every office.