Small Home Storage Hacks for Those With Kids


Do you have kids? Does their room look like a tornado swept through it at the end of the day? Organising a kid’s room may seem impossible, but with shrewd planning, good storage furniture, and a little creativity, you can transform their room to avoid the mess. Here are some hacks that, if well implemented, can be of help.

Furniture that can be used as storage

Most furniture these days are designed to serve as storage spaces today. Benches or ottomans that open up come in handy when it comes to storing your kids’ bins of toys or books when there is a need to keep them away. End tables and coffee tables with cupboards or drawers underneath are a great option to stash puzzles and other gaming materials. A few extra storage spaces can transform your home to another level. You need some furniture in your home, right? The next time you go shopping, be sure to get one that has some extra storage space in it.

Shoe racks for toy storage

Shoe racks are a great place to store kids’ toy. A hanging shoe rack on the bedroom door or at the back of a closet can be used to store action figures, barbies and stuffed animals as well. These are ideal for shoe storage too.

Transparent boxes for toys

Transparent boxes can be used to store anything. You can fill them with shoes, clothing, or linen, then pile them up on top of each other to save space. Be sure to place the ones containing your kids’ toys at kids’ level since they will be in and out of these boxes all day.

Under-bed storage

If you are not in a position to purchase a full loft bed, it’s time to rise that bed just enough to fit dressers below your bed. The space created can be used for shoe storage too. Remember those summer dresses that your kids don’t put on anymore? Well, this is the ideal place to stash those.

Toy truck organisers

Trust me, your kids’ room will look even much smaller if your kids’ toys are always all over the floor. Toy truck organisers are a great go-to if you want to keep the numerous toys away. Your kids just have to throw them in there once they are done playing, leaving you with little to do.

Magnetic knife strip for toy cars

Yes! Incredible, right? This is one of the simplest hacks that no one talks about. Gather some magnetic knife strips, then fix them on your kids’ bedroom wall. It’s the ideal way to store your kids’ cars since they will be accessible and visible.

Worried about your small living space and how you can organise it with kids around? It’s possible to have little children and still have a tidy home. You just need a few tactical solutions that will enable you to organise your kids’ items with ease. Just implement the few tips stated above, and you’ll be up and running within no time. Enough said. It’s now time to act. Good luck!